Tuxedo Kittypillar!

September 19th until September 26th at Bambalandstore.com!
Limited Timed Pre-Order
9AM Hong Kong timezone

USD $89
Price Includes Worldwide Shipping via Courier

V-TOL Squares are now available at Bambaland!

3AGO V-TOL Square R1 Set is now available for pre-order at Bambaland!

3AGO V-TOL Square R1 Set
1/9th Scale Collectible Figure 3Pack
Designed by Ashley Wood

V-TOL Square Sculpt
Approx 3inches Tall
7 Points of Articulation

Night Patrol Division
British Patrol Sky
British Patrol Desert

USD $140
Price Includes Worldwide Shipping via Courier 

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TLK Optimus Final Deposit

Attention to all TLK Optimus Prime Bambaland Deposit Program Customers, please check your emails over the next several days for the final deposit payment link.

Final Deposit Payment is due September 30th, 2018 Hong Kong timezone.
Orders will be canceled if payment is not received by October 31st, 2018.

Please note initial deposit is non-refundable.

A message from Kim

First off, I’d like to apologize to the fans online and to Ash regarding the recent interview taken place at the Beijing Toy Show. In hindsight, I should have been more careful with my answers, as it was not my intention to cause any upset. It is easy to forget that these conversations, when released online, can be easily misconstrued and mistranslated. The tone and context of my answers in the interview were spoken in jest and truly not meant to be taken so seriously. The context has unfortunately already been blown out of proportion. 

Ash and I have been friends and business partners for over 10 years and we treat each other as brothers do, we like to poke and pick on each other, and we can do this because we trust each other and know that we always have each other’s back. The truth is Ash has not lost his passion for making art or toys and especially not for WWR or Popbot as he has endless amounts of ideas. The actuality is we are unable to make all of them happen.  

This comes down to several things – primarily financial and market forces. If the sales numbers aren’t there, I often have to make the tough decision to change the schedules and delay or cancel the line. We would have loved to have made many toys that were in the planning and even prototype stages, but the reality is costs of production have risen significantly over the years and the current market is unpredictable. 

Ash and I talk daily about these same topics and yes, it is true releases have slowed down and many announced figures have not yet been seen, of that we are sorry. It is not to deceive or mislead our supportive and passionate fans, it is only that the team in Hong Kong often need more time for development and production. Ash and I will continue to put out truly great figures for years to come. Thank you for your understanding! 


V-TOL Square Set

September 14th at Bambaland! 9am HK timezone!
Sale is open to all! 

3AGO V-TOL Square Set
Designed by Ashley Wood

USD $140
Price Includes Worldwide Shipping via Courier

Beijing Toy Show 2018

On display at the Beijing Toy Show!

Show starts today and goes until the 9th. 

BTS Exclusive 8" Ashtro Lad will be for sale at the booth. Check with booth for sales details. 


BTS Exclusive 3A x Casey Weldon Tuxedo Kittypillar will be available for pre-order at the booth. 

TLK Optimus Update

TLK Optimus Prime unboxing video courtesy of ToysTV 玩具TV

We apologize for the shipping delays as we want to provide the best possible quality figure. We will begin the shipping process in September. However, due to the large quantity of orders and the incredibly complex task of production which involves putting together more than 600 individual parts and thousands of painting procedures for each figure, it will take an extended period of time to complete all orders. We will be shipping out in batches over the next few months to accomplish this and will have more details regarding these shipment batches soon.

We appreciate all your patience for the best Optimus Prime action figure!


AUGUST 2nd, 9AM HK Timezone. Only at Bambaland

Designed by Ashley Wood

Limited Edition/Pre-made

USD $180
Price Includes Worldwide Shipping via Courier

Thanks Wonder Fest!

Thank you to all who dropped by to see our display at WonderFest yesterday!
The Good Smile exclusive "Burnt Orange Fang" is currently on sale at GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP!

Thanks SDCC!

We're all back from another great year at SDCC! Thanks everyone that managed to make it through the craziness and swung by the booth. Being able to meet with and talk to our fans in person is why we do what we do. 

Next stop for stateside shows will be 3A's first ever appearance at Dcon in November! See ya then! 

FANG GAL at WonderFest

Samples of FANG GAL colorways will be displayed at 3A booth at WonderFest on July 29th (SUN)!
The sales of Good Smile exclusive "FANG GAL R4 - BURNT SMILE FANG" will take place at GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP from July 29th 4PM Japan time.
Available to customers worldwide, limited quantity.

SDCC 2018 Update

SDCC Update- Due to a mix up, we will have the Exclusive Play Fang Blue 2 stock available on Friday morning at our booth. We apologize to attendees for the inconvenience!

SDCC 2018 Booth 5146

BOOTH 5146
JULY 18th - 22nd

Ash and the 3A crew are back at SDCC! And we're in a new booth location right smack dab in the middle of the Designer Toy area. (Opposite side of where we use to be and across from Lobby G). 

Ash'll be in attendance Preview Night and Thursday! 

We will have an extremely limited supply of the SDCC Exclusive Play Fang Blue 2 Fang Gal, Stock Toys and Books available. 

*Cash and Card payment accepted. Card purchases are subject to tax/fees. 

Edition of 50
Designed by Ashley Wood

Approx 13" Tall Beautiful Vinyl

$90 in Booth



  • Jungle Swinger Liz 
  • Sheep Spy Miyu
  • Hachimitsu Bosu Cosplay 
  • Pascha Cyborg
  • Transparent Blue Cyborg Pascha
  • Liz Bam Bam 
  • T.C.O.M. Agent Isobelle
  • Miyu Spearmint Square


  • Handsome Wu Panda Mercs 2 Pack
  • Zomb Nurse
  • Shadey Ankou EX


  • AP TK Yellow Hornets


  • 3AGO ZvR Warbot vs Zomb Set 
  • String Diver Force Captain
  • 6th Anniversary Bambaboss 
  • Oliver Applehair + Giant Mongolian Mountain Heel


  • DA DIY ZEF Set 
  • Ultron Classic Edition 
  • Captain America Night Mission 
  • 1/6th Judge Dredd
  • 1/12th Judge Dredd Comic Book Edition
  • 1/12th Lawmaster 
  • 1/12th Lawmaster Comic Book Edition


  • World Safari
  • Fuck Everyone 
  • Ashley Wood - Chunky Bits
  • Ashley Wood - The Weight of Memory on the Cityscape
  • Ashley Wood - Fuck It Omnipuss
  • Ashley Wood - Fat Kuntsler 
  • Ashley Wood - Raw Fuck it 
  • 3A - With Smiles On Our Lips 
  • Siuyin - With Smiles On Our Lips
  • Phil Hale - Empire 
  • Phil Hale - With Smiles On Our Lips 
  • William Wray - With Smiles On Our Lips
  • Amanda Visell - With Smiles On Our Lips

Ashtro available at 3A Stockists!

ASHTRO LAD and KING COAL are now available for preorder from 3A Stockists worldwide for a limited time!

Check for a retailer near you: http://www.worldofthreea.com/3astockists/

16" Vinyl Collectible Figure
Designed by Ashley Wood


SDCC Exclusive Play Fang Blue 2
Available at 3A Booth 5146
Limited Edition of 50



Celebrating 10 years of 3A! 

Ashtro Lad and King Coal are available to all customers
Tro Glow Ashtro is available exclusively to 3AA Members

USD $250 each
Price Includes Worldwide Shipping via Courier


3AA Exclusive Tro Glow
16" Ashtro Lad
Designed by Ashley Wood

July 2nd at Bambaland. Celebrating 10 years of 3A



Powered by Coal and Tears

16" Ashtro Lad
Designed by Ashley Wood

July 2nd at Bambaland. Celebrating 10 years of 3A

USD $250
Price Includes Worldwide Shipping via Courier