Wonder Festival

Thanks Wonder Fest!

Thank you to all who dropped by to see our display at WonderFest yesterday!
The Good Smile exclusive "Burnt Orange Fang" is currently on sale at GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP!

FANG GAL at WonderFest

Samples of FANG GAL colorways will be displayed at 3A booth at WonderFest on July 29th (SUN)!
The sales of Good Smile exclusive "FANG GAL R4 - BURNT SMILE FANG" will take place at GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP from July 29th 4PM Japan time.
Available to customers worldwide, limited quantity.

3A booth at WonderFest 2017 Summer

Wonder Festival 2017 Summer took place yesterday on July 30th in Chiba, Japan.
Thank you to all who came to our booth!

WonderFestvial 2016 [summer] photos

Yesterday July 24th was the day of WonderFestival in Japan.
Thank you to all the people who visited our booth!!


The first of the ISOBELLE PASCHA x OTOME NO TEIKOKU series, "MASK SENPAI" will be on pre-order at GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP from July 24th 16:00 (JST) as a Wonder Festival exclusive item!
Samples will be on display at 3A booth at Wonder Festival on July 24th!

OTOME NO TEIKOKU is a manga series by Torajiro Kishi featuring Japanese school girls.
The characters of OTOME NO TEIKOKU will be released in Pascha style 1/6th scale articulated figures, featuring tailored school girl uniform!