Shipping update

This week we plan to fully send out following releases:

  • World Of 7174 Studio 10 years Anniversary figure: MS74
  • Kenny Wong x Ashley Wood Seamonkey + Catharine Snowpea set
  • GHG Pilots (Kaitlin, Gertrude, Amber, Underverse and Dark Zoom)

Recently shipped figures and releases (for you to keep easier track of things):

  •     Real Steel Noisy Boy Bambalandstore orders
  •     WWR Square2 Box Set
  •     OSM Square Farm

Few more shipping updates will follow shortly (once figures will be at the door and ready to ship).

If you haven't received tracking of the recently shipped releases and want to request tracking number or have any questions about your awaiting fulfillment orders, please never hesitate to contact our Customer Service professionals at , we will be delighted to help you! If you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to @WorldOf3A on twitter or engage with our official WorldOf3A Facebook page.


LGOT at WonderFest

We want to thank all the amazing people who came to Ashley Wood signing session and stopped by to see our toys on display at WonderFest.

Please check this website for all Let's Grow Old Together art & toy show details.


LGOT at PARCO Gallery X

Here are few more photos of Let's Grow Old Together art and toy show in PARCO Gallery X (including pics from Ashley Wood's signing session) and photos from today's Wonderfest will be uploaded shortly. More photos (including time-lapse) and all the info about LGOT show can be found in this blog (in fact last two photos are taken from there to show different angles and etc).


Ninja TK Dark and SDCC sale

Underverse NInja TK Dark is available for pre-order at Bambalandstore right now and we want to thank everyone, who supported and enjoyed our online SDCC sale! We plan to end taking orders for both pre-orders tonight.


LGOT opening night at PARCO Gallery X

Yesterday, we had an opening night for Let's Grow Old Together art and toy show in PARCO Gallery X in Tokyo. It's our first show of such scale in Japan and it was amazing to see so many people!

Here are few pics from the opening and you can see much more at World of 7174 Studio blog here and at our special LGOT blog for the show.



Cant believe I'm missing not going to SDCC so much, have been going since 1995, kinda bummed I'm not going, its where my extended family of troublemakers reside, it's where I get to see so many of you guys! That's hard to miss!

So yea, I admit it, I'm bummed.. But then again Im excited for PARCO and Wonderfest in Tokyo and seeing my friends there!  BUT dammit I want both!

I hope one or two of the  toys we are offering this week give a little of the SDCC feeling even if your not there!

Excited and bummed


Oh yea, cmon, I get to make a storyline within the DC universe with STEEL AGE TOYS, cmon, kudos to Warner/DC for letting me do it! And we will reveal many new Marvel toys soon! Back to it, as you can imagine, im kinda busy!




3A is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment. The Greatest DC Comics Super Heroes as you’ve never seen them before! Ashley Wood has envisioned a new universe where the villains have won. The rebirth contingency plan is initiated – Steel Age. Robotic versions of the fallen heroes are forged. Constructed to wage war on crime. A new League to carry on their legacy of Justice. "