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2/2/17 sale day on bamba


January 26th at Bambaland

Transformers Generation One
Optimus Prime Classic Edition
Premium Scale Collectible Series

Bambaland Sale Options:

  • Full Pay Option USD $390. 
  • Non-refundable Deposit Option USD $190. Balance USD $200 Due Before Shipping.

Peter Parker/Spider-man back on Bamba January 20th


Some long overdue recycles of the Spidey and Peter Parker Stealth Set will be making their way back exclusively to Bambaland while supplies last! 

Check out the updated pics showing off the incredible range of articulation Spider-bot and Peter Parker feature.

The Classic set is available for Preorder at 3A Stockists. Click the 'Where to Buy' section for a Stockist near you!


Join up now at Bambaland.com!

What better way to start off 2017 than by celebrating with new and returning 3AA Members! Everyone at 3A has been working hard to make this year jam packed with a diverse array of 3A goodness - from OG toylines like WWR and Popbot, to new artist collaborations, and broadening our licensed partnerships. Not to mention the very exciting first ever stateside Venture happening in San Diego during this year's SDCC!

Not only does this month see our ninth year of 3AA, it also sees the classic G1 Optimus Prime descend on Bambaland! G1 Prime is the epic first release in our expanding 3A x Hasbro Universe which includes G.I.Joe, ROM, and the continuation of the cinematic Transformers universe. This month also sees the next release in the 3A x Die Antwoord collab as Ash, Ninja, and ¥ continue to bring Zef style to 1/6th. 

A taste of what's to come in 2017:
3AGO Bertie Wave 2, G1 Transformers, Arctic Batman, 3A x Die Antwoord, Geisha TQs, Captain America, Apocalypse War Judge Dredd, Steel Age Joker, WWR Digi Armstrong and Grunt, Punisher, Popbot Sherlock, Alberto, Baroness, and more! 

Welcome to the new blood, cheers to the returning Legion, and thanks all for the continuing support! 

3AA Join Us January 15th

Membership is open for 24hrs

USD $180


3AA WWR set comes with
1/6th Mobile Tank Square Attila
Rothchild Test Subject 02 x 1pc

Rothchild Test Subject 03 x 1pc
Stands 12cm
9 Points of Articulations
Illuminated eyes
(Requires AG1x3, battery not included)

3AA membership card x 1

Designed by Ashley Wood

15% Discount on Bambaland throughout 2017.
Discount Starts in 14 Days OR Before Next Bambaland Sale.

3AA 2017

Shipping News January 2017

Items not listed are pending updated estimates from our factory. Original Shipping Estimates can be found on the individual Bambaland Order Page. Order Status from Bambaland.com will always say "Pending" even after an item has shipped. 

CS will contact Bambaland Customers with tracking information as it becomes available. 

Please note due to the combination of production revisions and Chinese New Year some items will be shipping after the CNY holidays. Items with new Shipping Estimates will be listed under the 'Shipping Updates' section.

Happy New Year and thank you for your patience and support!

Update: 01.05.2017

  • DOTM | Starscream
  • POPBOT | Dresden Frau
  • WW7174 | Set One
  • WW7174 | Set Two
  • 2000AD | Judge Fear
  • 2000AD | Judge Mortis


  • AP | Action Portable Wave 2 
  • WWR | N.O.M. Commanders 8th Anniversary Set
  • TK | TK HUNTER 1st Wave


  • DC | STEEL AGE Batman Dark – Q1 2017
  • DC | STEEL AGE Batman Night – Q1 2017
  • DC | STEEL AGE Batman Day – Q1 2017
  • GALA MILK | 24" Yumiko – Q1 2017 
  • 3AGO | Golden Wanka Square – Q1 2017
  • WOIP | Pascha Wave 3 – Q1 2017
  • 3Art | Black Hat Eddy 1:1 – Q1 2017
  • TK | Master 5 – Q1 2017
  • DA | Mount Ninji + Da Nice Time Kid Zef Set – Q1 2017
  • DESTINY | Hunter – Q1 2017
  • DESTINY | Warlock – Q1 2017