LOOKBOOK 3A Returns!

The 3A Lookbooks are back with two brand new issues featuring the Drio Vital Suit from Lost Planet 2 in Issue 009 and the Robot Pyro from Team Fortress 2 in Issue 010. Tons of brand new, never before seen images in both.

Each issue is available for viewing and downloading by clicking on the cover thumbnails below.

The 3A Digital Publishing section has also been updated here:


3A Adventure - Update

Hey all,

An update for you on the launch of 3A Adventure magazine. First off, thanks to everyone for taking the time to check it out - we have close to 8000 impressions already since Sunday and that's all because of you guys. We really appreciate the love and support! Work on Issue 002 is already under way!

Second - we got a ton of feedback asking for a downloadable option on the magazine so we have that going now. You have to register directly with Issuu.com in order to be able to download. It's free and relatively painless and this allows you to have a local copy to read offline so it's definitely worth the trouble. You can still view the mag online like before without an account or if you're not logged in - but account = downloadable, got it? good.

We also went ahead and uploaded all 9 issues of the Lookbook 3A catalogs from last year. They're hosted on Issuu to browse and download - same as the 3A Adv. mag. There will be more Lookbooks in the future - maybe something with a certain video game robot that likes to burn things - his Heavy brother gets lonely you know. ; )

I'm going to dig through the crates and try to find the mini-catalogs we did that shipped with some of the previous toys and upload digital versions of those as well - stay tuned.

Lastly, at the top navigation of wo3a.com is where you'll find our 'Publishing' section. There's a drop down menu that you can use to get directly to either the Lookbook or 3A Adv. issues and what was the previous 'Books' section lives there now too under 'Print'. (speaking of print - we also got a ton of requests for a print version of 3A Adv. so that's being chatted about as well - no promises but we'll see! ; )


Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Hello folks and happy Easter! I want to welcome you all to another Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood! Each session is very unique, as you guys ask all kinds of different questions, but this time I want to highlight Popbot 7Bones question (Brand new Slicer is coming); WWR Supersets (June for them if all goes according to the plan); some intel on Popbot 3AA S&D Shadow TQ and Ashley Wood's version of Marvel's Hulk!

As always, If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest, and of course HUGE thanks to Ashley Wood for finding time to do these!

Q: Have you ever considered doing any "classic" kaiju or manga bots 12" or larger? Or do you think that's played? In particular, my two all-time favorites are Mogera from "The Mysterians", 1954, and the type I or Manga version of Tetsuin 28 (Gigantor). Mogera is a very unique looking robot, and a hyper-realistic version with all of his burrowing features would be amazing. Likewise T28 is a great look, and a weathered or battle-damaged look would be beautiful, especially if Black Ox could be worked in. Or are those types of properties isn't what you are looking for?
A: I don't think anything is ever played, and I'm fond of everything you mention, the reality is I'm time stretched and want to spend it on New ideas or stuff I absolutely love etc.. Though Black OX would be epic...

Q: Will we ever see more Punk figures? Maybe with facial piercings?
A: The UKTK was gonna have a brow piercing, but time got away from us. Want to do more sub culture TK's. a Mod TK is soon, and Goth!

Q: One of my favorite bots to date is the "Gerry" Armstrong. Is it possible to get some back story on these guys and will I ever see something in that color way again? It kicks so much ass I bought two and painted a DIY de Plume to go with!
A: I agree, but as some of you know, the Rothchild Moon base is no more and the Gerry brigade is considered terminated by the Earth Forces. Or where they???

Q: What does the 3AA S&D SHADOW TQ come with? Does it come with a bot head on the illustration? Really curious, thank you!
A: I wish, I thought about that, but the cost would have been much higher. If the fig had come with such a epic accessory we would crow about it in the description! The new bothead for the purchase of peppermint grove!

Q: Was  thinking about your Marvel line and thought that a Marvel comic 1/6 green Hulk , and Red Hulk would be awesome!!! If your hulk could take knee and bend upper body foreword with head down--would be the greatest!!! Also marvel Zombie figures. Please do these things!! Thanks!!!
A: We are making a Hulk, I'm very fond of the Hulk,  lumbering Hulk, more Kirby Hulk than a muscle bound roid looking one, red would due a cool variant too! The Marvel Zombies is a great idea, thanks!

Q: Really like the drawings you do for secret drops. Do you draw them up on drop nights or have the drawings done in advance?  
A: A bit of both, I have the idea shortly before the sale, and normally draw them up on the day or a day before. My ideas are very liquid and nothing is set in stone till the last minute. Some of what I think are the best figures are on derived from on the spot decisions! Im very fond of the work I do for 3A, I'm glad you guys enjoy them too!

Q: Will shadow S&D TQ be an all black variant?  
A: 90% black, but as we finalise, and that can can happen when they are almost 100% all made, I change to make better, well at least I think better. Ill show you guys soon, in the pages of 3ADEVENTURE!

Q: What's the story for the fox tails seen hanging from the UK TK & TQ's belts? Is it their fashion choice or there is more too it?
A: Well its a punky troupe, from what I know it has a  few connotations. I like it mainly, its a fun visual hook, and makes you think huh, just like when you see a girl or guy on street sporting them!  OR OR they hunt and kill foxes and collect their tails like boba fett collects wookie scalps. Don't forget Boba is a cunt for that!

Q: Will Bamba offers Thailand Toy Expo exclusive TK along with Mighty Square allotment? Thank you!
A: Squares yup, too cool not too!

Q: Ive been wondering, what is going on in the USA in the Popbot universe?
A: errr---- Stuff…ha, thats a joke, well the main cast is from the US, Punk King etc, the Mortis were developed in the US as the sex /marital aids and whatnot. Shit is happening everywhere!

Q: What kind of color ways will we be seeing for the WWR superset sales, besides Iron Panda who won the poll on the forum? And when it might happen?
A: June for the sale I believe, WF is the other one!

Q: Speaking about packaging, do you prefer slipcase packaging over regular one?
A: I think I like them all, sometimes I like really simple boxes, sometimes slipcase. There are many other factors that can come into play as well, regarding what is used and why. But mainly its a on the spot, lets do a slippy, or lets do this or that  kinda thing!

Q: I bet you been asked a lot, but really can't wait to see some WWR EVOL actions from The Martians. Do you have any dates in mind?
A: ASAP, thats the date I have for most things, only other is FASAP FUCKING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !

Q: We just saw a glimpse of the new EVOL Rothchild. Wondering, if we will see him in 1/12th scale as well?
A: I'm sure one day, the WWRp are fun… well to me!

Q: What are the UKTK and UKTQ's names or nicknames? Who is the Shadow TQ? Is she UKTQ in "Shadow Mode" or is she the "Night" version? \
A: SHADOW UKTQ isn't a black version of the UKTQ , but a different operative. They all have names, ill allude to some on the packaging!

Q: Now that Rothchild has been revealed could you tell us how he got the way he is. What happened to cause him to lose an arm and an eye, and where were his personal guard during this situation ?
A: The comic that comes with the Nom Commanders et reveals in a truncated way what happened on the moon, any questions about it can be directed at me here!

Q: Huge Tomorrow King fan here and absolutely can't wait for next 7Bones and TKLUB figure. Can you pretty please share some estimated dates and who is next? Really need to set funds aside to buy 'em all!
A: Well the Next 7B is a slicer, brand new one ( as in new design ), i think he is may, fingers crossed.

Q: With all the stars that are drawn in the Kozo pics, it also looks like he has a rocket pack/ Oxygen tanks? Can he fly? Is he in Space? If not, then why must he wear the mask?
A: Well the stars were there to show the under-verse in a meta way , the under verse is similar to space but isn't influenced by the same forces that regular space is. A breathing type device is essential!

Q: Can we see a preview of Peppermint Soy before she begins to ship please?
A: I have here right here, I can get some shots on the blog soon!

Q: Have you ever considered the idea of selling a set of blind box/bullet figures?  Some who collect gashapon figures or others closely related I think it would be a neat idea if they got a collection of 1/12 figures from the 1/12 dirty deeds Bertie to a 1/12 Nom and anything like AK and maybe Isobelle if she was done in the 1/12 scale but basically create a set of random characters over the 3A verse and make the packing random so that you have no idea what your getting until you open the box/bullet/grenade.  I think it would be an awesome way for any left over stock and the molds are available still (one would assume) to sell them as singles or in cases, it would be a fun chase….
A: I think it should be fun, do you think there would be enough support, not a cheap exercise ? You guys tell me!

Q: Do you have any WWR Deluxe book news, which you can share with us or should I bug IDW?
A: Bug IDW, they will bug me! just a case of packaging it up, all ready... mm should do it!

Q: Just checking in to see if it's known when the Mortis head will go up for sale? Do you have the details finalized?
A: Will reveal soon. its a cracker!

Q: When might we see new POPBOTs? Have yet to add a 1/6 to my shelves( should have grabbed a Manchester back when I had the chance) but I'm starting to get antsy for one and don't know if it's better to hunt one of the OGs or wait fer the new…need some badbot in my life..
A: Working on a new Pop, named WAR POP at the moment, a more organic version that the first ~ naturally there will be a Badbot too !

Q: On the ad for the Choco hunter TQ it mentions only the Choco hunter can find the Mortis eggs. Are the Mortis eggs something we might see in the future as a special offer to those who bought Choco?
A: Mortis eggs are look like Giger ( not enough love for Giger I think in this world ) designed them, might be a cool little accessory one day !

Q: I saw photos of DIY TKs in the works, will they be only as prizes for 2D Animation contest winners or you might offer the unpainted ones later at Bamba or perhaps as prizes for the future contest? They bleed awesomeness!
A: The first lot is for the animation winners, they have waited long enough, and the rest are for a charity auction in Thailand. I wil be getting gore though, I have really enjoyed making these ones!

Q: So the new Rothchild is the next WWR EVOL release, will it come with the bot or on it's own?
A: He has a small Caesar to hold!

Q: When we might see you in Levine gallery? 2015 I assume?
A: April, the idea of a November show didn't feel good, April is better!

Q: I am really excited and looking forward to Thailand Toy Expo exclusives and hopefully I can say "Hi" to you there. Are you going to be there or very busy schedule?
A: Im there to meet you, best reason!

Q: Do you have a favorite song from the movie or perhaps a whole soundtrack, which you listen on regular basis?
A: I still enjoy the authentic Blade Runner soundtrack, also I'm fond of the Pretty in Pink soundtrack!

Q: What's your favorite country you ever lived/been at?
A: Australia is my home as much as I have tried to run away its still my first love,  USA is a close second and HK is in there too! I guess these are the places I have been the most and feel homely but still kinda exciting. France is great too, the UK is super special due the family ties and TP is from there!


3A Adventure - Issue 001

Welcome to the first issue of 3A Adventure!

I started out making magazines, photocopied zines etc. Way back in the day me and TP started a mag called Alarum, initially a photocopy thingy then it made the leap to traditional print. It had comics, music articles etc. I thought it couldn’t get any better, then it got cancelled pretty much as fast as it started,  this first issue makes think back to that time and the raw let’s just do something we think is cool vibe, which is the only real reason to do anything!

So this first release of 3A Adventure is a big deal to me, being able to mix toys, art and design wrapped up in a mag is what I kinda live for, being able to share it makes it even better!

I’m very lucky to have Brent Ashe along for the ride bringing his design powers, they are instrumental in making this happen and this collab kinda brings together years of thinking on what we could do together! When we first met, our friendship on many discussions about design and typography, a lot of them revolved around Raygun magazine, Bikini and H uh. This period of publishing (mid to late nineties) is profound and made many rethink the way magazines could look and read, me included!

So enjoy this bumper kick-off issue, going on from here we will have future toy features to give heads up on 3A stuff , brand new 3A comics with Brizl and me and much more as we find our feet and voice! Don’t forget to send us 3A toy photo’s, hell any kind of photo! We want you guys involved in this too, send stuff to Gimby’s email, I’m sure it will make its way to us here at Adventure HQ somehow!

See you in issue two!


Im working away on the DIY with Siuyin at my studio as type, they are for the Contest winners and a charity auction in Thailand! Each TK will have a name! Nearly finished the under-painting and onto weathering etc !

Fun doing these, have plans for another set!

Happy Easter



Choco Hunter TQ THANKS!


Enjoy Choco, enjoy Easter, we will put up Choco TQ for preorder for a short limited time, instead of the normal limited pre made amount to hopefully bring some choco hunting happness! Head to Bamba!


Q&A session with Ashley Wood

Welcome to another Sunday Q&A with Ashley Wood and hope that everyone having a nice weekend. Today we have 30 various questions for you, so prepare to fully emerge in our Worlds!

If you have an original and interesting question or questions in mind, you can submit them by various ways: contacting me via mail gimbat@threeAonline.com ; by using Ask thread at official 3A forum; submitting them by posting at 3AVOX Facebook page wall or via 3Asupport twitter and your question might get featured in one of future sessions. Thank you for sending your questions and for your continuous interest, and of course HUGE thanks to Ashley Wood for finding time to do these!

Q: Will we see Isobelle as Race Queen girl, just like Miyu?
A: Mmmaybe!

Q: Thailand exclusive Thiddy looks to be a very unique and interesting TK. Does the extra-long sleeve have some practical application for battle, or is it strictly a fashion statement? Any chance of seeing a similar TK show up on Bamba? Thanks!
A: You could desk that about any TK, Thiddy just wears the long arm variant of a classic TK shirt, for personal taste and it comes it hand as a scarf!

Q: Any chance for a Dutch Merc Dropcloth one day?
A: A 1.5 definitely!

Q: When we might see how Snowblind Ronin TK looks like?
A: Soon!

Q: Can you please shed some light on next Ma.k/SF3D x threeA fig?
A: There is nothing to shed, or we would, we are not holding out info to be coy!

Q: Are the new Nablers going for sale this April?
A: Thats the plan, just waiting for revised samples! Should be a fun sale!

Q: Ash, if enough of us ask for a version of LIZ/Miyu portrayed in the Wonka sale ad , would it help to bring her into 1/6 life?
A: The vampire girl from the world of pascha ! I'm sure if you asked nicely!

Q: Could we get a hint as to the color of the new Zomb head sculpt (that is coming with Red Night JC)? I need to buy a body to put it on and would like it to match. Thank you!
A: Dunno yet, still trying some versions out !

Q: I just got my Dead Easy Corp set and they are so cool! On the box there is a logo that says "THREEPACK" with a larger "3P" over that. Will there be more "THREEPACK"s on the way? Will we get to see a WWR threepack with some Grunts or Martian Sloggers?
A: We have a few more 3P this year! Covering all worlds!

Q: Can you please share with us some news regarding 3A x Capcom 1/12 Vital Suits and 1/6 Mercenary?
A: Check the blog!

Q: Are all the Zombs in AK dopey brain eaters or are there a few different varieties? I'm not talking she zombs or fatties but something like an aggressive feeder Zombs or something?
A: Some are dopey, mainly the classic Boiler Zomb, but there are many variations of the state of Zombness! ZOMBMD has created a whole eco system of zomb to cover many situations!

Q: What is the story with Zombots? Will we see anymore on robot island or in Adventure Kartel Universe in general? Have they evolved? Are there different kinds?
A: A new zombot soon, because I like them, Robot island is a mainstay of the AK world, many more robots and tales from that musty island!

Q: What's so special about this Handsome Wu fellow!? Is he really handsome? Or is that a nickname cuz he's butt ugly? Is he a member/friend of the Adventure Kartel? Or a villain? Is he a monster hunter? His name sounds like he would be a monster hunter. Does he practice the martial arts or the mystic arts? Is he Asian? Could he be a Gangster Rapper? Thank you for your time!
A: Just wait and see, but he a merc, another left over from the OPENSPACE CONFLICT!
Q: Can you please tell us what "JBS" on the UKTK punk box stand for?
A: Oh that, mmm, maybe one day, it was going tone his original name, those are the initials etc. I still might use it !

Q: Will you install some extra equipment/weapon on some new EVOL Square? I mean like small turret on top or something, or backpack, or antenna radar, etc, would be cool if Square also have their equipment/weapon.
A: Well thats not their style, small weapons etc, they have never been an offensive weapon ( but they partial to a bomb strapped to their back for comedy tension), but the new one's design certainly makes it more deadly. Square4 is the largest upgrade since v1

Q: The idea of transparent apple and heels was cool, maybe one day we can see transparent Square as well?
A: Well the new one could due done in transparent!

Q: Besides Dropcloths and Squares, does Peaceday team have another bots?
A: Now they have them all as they have become a corp for hire!

Q: Does "WFP" stand for WF Patrol? Will their appearance change in EVOL now its revealed they work for Roth? Is it possible they help hide Roth when he flees the moon? WF YO!
A: WFP is Rothchild corp! All be revealed!

Q: Love the new painting on the Portable NOM Commander boxes. Any chance we'll see the walking tanks from WWR EVOL prelude cover in toy form? And what is the name of that bot?
A: Im gonna try!
Q: What are the next figures coming along that have electronics like Krote, Portal figures, etc.?  Are any WWR EVOL figures this year (or ever) going to have electronic features like lights or a gattling that rotates would be cool?
A: Yup to EVOL

Q: I noticed with your illustrations, you use a lot of half tone dot patterns. And with the Dead Easy GID pack. I was able to see you use a clear transparent velum or transparent print material with the printed dots. Do you just scratch off the highlights on the transparency and tape the transparency over the original illustration? Also do you have any other tricks or tips that you can pass on to upcoming working artists?
A: Its not vellum and its stuck to the board directly like traditional mechanical screens! Love it, so sick of computerized shit, I like the organic nature! There are no tricks, just techniques, they are more fun when discovered on one own artistic journey.

Q: Have we seen the last of the original Dropcloths? Will they appear in any supersets in the future or have they all moved on to the 1.5 design? They are my favorite bot design to date, and I would love to see an original DC in GID at some point.
A: Supersets might see an original DC, still planning it!

Q: Do you have a date in mind for Thailand Toy Expo Mighty Squares Bambalandstore allotment? Will there be a notice?
A: I would check bamba at the time of the Thailand show, Im sure soon as its finalized we will announce. Re allotment very similar to the show!

Q: Just saw UKTQ teaser and she looks awesome! Can you please share some details about her and her relationship with UKTK? Are their fighting partners or they share something more in common?
A: They are part of a UK TK corp, who have taken to the Punk imagery and ethos. They act and perform more like a gang than a military unit, maybe lost in their own dreams of who they think they are, and not what they really are….

Q: Who will be the next figure, using 10" body? Maybe new Little Shadow?
A: Little shadow is it!

Q: Are we going to see AKLUB release this April?
A: Zomb MD is it, trying to get it done asap!

Q: So excited for TK MOOK emails, can't wait to get my hands on that book. Seriously, thank you for taking your time and jumping to 154 pages, really appreciate it! Do you have more plans to release compilation books like that or can you share what's your favorite page/section in TK MOOK?
A: It turned into a much larger book than thought , well MOOK, but there is so much material and we thought lets make it big. We have an idea of a 3A book that reveals much of the back ground design work and sculptures and interesting tales, but I figure the longer I leave the better! I feel very lucky to have the opportunities to do stuff like the Mook, privileged to have the audience !

Q: Will see more of mysterious VALVe Ghost figure (statue?), which was teased on the blog a while ago?
A: Im looking at it now, just kinda missed the Halloween deadline, it lights too!

Q: What doors Wonka Square will unlock?!
A: A box with a dried gnarly Ompa lumpa heart inside, fuck those spawns of satan, BUT really, a cool figure that only Wonka Square buyers can get!

Q: Do you have any time to watch tv shows and if so, what do you watch? Maybe you are watching some shows with your kids?
A: I don't watch much, still a documentary kinda guy!



Thanks for supporting the UK in their war on the Mortis! The Shadow TQ will have unpaid orders recycled, so hang in there tomorrow if you miss out! You guys are the greatest and really inspire us to push on and try different stuff!!!!!