1/12th Scale Collectible Series

Created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

Judgement time for 3A. The toughest law-man of them all – Judge Dredd. Judge, jury, and executioner in 1/12th Scale. He is the law! Complete with faux-leather tailored outfit, sculpted iconic armor, and equipped with vintage Lawgiver Mk1, the modern Mk2, and the brutal Daystick; Dredd comes poised to dispense justice with extreme prejudice. Dredd includes interchangeable hands to grip weapons, open hands to wallop creeps, and clenched fists for perps to gaze into.

    ●  Design inspired by Carlos Ezquerra, Brian Bolland, and Mike McMahon
    ●  Figure Stands 6.2 Inches (15.75cm) Tall
    ●  Fully Articulated including
    ●  Newly Designed 1/12th Scale Body
    ●  Highly-Detailed Sculpt and Faux-Leather Tailored Outfit
    ●  Weapons Include: 
        ○  Lawgiver Mk1
        ○  Lawgiver Mk2
        ○  Daystick
    ●  Interchangeable Hands: Open, Clenched Fists, 2x Weapon Holding
    ●  Weathered Modern Black Leather Look

Single - USD - $65
Set With Lawmaster - USD -$160

Price Includes Worldwide Shipping


LAWMASTER MK1         

The Lawmaster is a Judge’s best defense on the violent streets of Mega-City One. The 3A Modified Mk1 comes armed with Mike McMahon styled Bike Cannons to take down creeps and blaze a trail across the Cursed Earth. The Lawmaster features a vintage silhouette, LED Illuminated lights, rubberized soft vinyl tires, and is able to fit 1/12th Scale Collectible Figures. A classic approach to one of the most iconic vehicles in comics history, blending in all the detail and weathering 3A are known for.

    ●  3A Modified Classic Lawmaster Design
    ●  Features Mike McMahon inspired Bike Cannons
    ●  Length 9.45inches (24cm) 
    ●  Fits 1/12th Scale Collectible Figures
    ●  Rubberized Soft Vinyl Tires
    ●  6 LED illuminated Lights: 
        ○  1 x Main Headlamp
        ○  4 x Secondary Side Lights
        ○  1 x On-board Computer Display
    ●  Available In:

  • Weathered Black Modern Look - Single and Set
  • Bambaland Exclusive Black & White Classic Comic Book Edition Set Only

    ●  Materials Used - ABS, PVC, POM
    ●  Requires AG1 x 7 Button Cell Batteries (Batteries Not Included) 
*Batteries Not Included
*Design and color may change on final product

USD - $120
Price Includes Worldwide Shipping