A word

I thought at this time of year it might be apt to say a little something. Firstly, thank you to all our supporters, the Legion, the bloggers, the casual nod's in our direction, its all profoundly appreciated and never taken lightly. Both Kim and I feel damn lucky to be able to bring you the world of 3A everyday, and we are constantly looking at ways to make things better, from the actual toys to shipping on time :). We do not live in a dreamworld, we listen to all concerns and words of advise , we want nothing more than to deliver great toys, toys that you will remember many years from now, thats our aim, not collectibles, not trendy shit, but toys that are just plain fun and have some substance and love behind them.

Thats our goal !

I would also like to thank the core of 3A, the tireless office workers, the unsung hero of Benny Fok, the forum Mods and especially the amazing Hatchery workers who make the toys and deserve much credit for our success!

2011 promises to be a special year for us, not only will the ranks swell for WWR, Popbot, Adventure Kartel expand, but the 2000ad line will rapidly grow, Rex and Ray from MGS will be stomping their way into Bambaland soon, and new lines such as Modern Girls, Newtons War will make their debut. We also have just started on a project that is mind blowing, there wil be some kind of announcement soon. Also our publishing side will expand, with such titles as Easy Action, with comics by me and T P Louise, Rufus Dayglo and William Wray to start and the long awaited Adventure Kartel comic. Fuck It will continue and Im sure ill throw some more shit in the ring !

So in short, a big fucking THANKYOU, sure 3A doesn't even matter in the grand schemes, sure most people ( even toy collectors ) dont know we exist, but I dont care, its fun, its inspring, we have met so many great people because of this venture, its a win regardless of what the future holds!

I would also like to welcome Goodsmile Company as our official Japanese Distributor, they will be handling all the distribution of our retail toys in Japan ! Together we have some super fun things planned, so keep an eye out !

cheers Ashley Wood 2/1/11