Good Morning 3AA 2014

Special day for 3A, and me, this isnt a job, nor a way to kill time waiting for this or that, its part of my life that I basically give all too! When I was starting out I wanted to be a comic artist bad, that was the goal, then as i moved along illustration began to grow and join comics, then what is known as fineart, popart whatever art was a path that took an important and urgent role. In-between all that a desire to make stuff was always bubbling away and when the opportunity to produce toys and other stuffs without the normal constraints was offered they became a large part of my creative canon also.

I realize now that it doesn't matter if I'm making a comic, a painting a toy, they all are bricks  of equal importance in the wall I'm making against the tide of bullshit and mediocrity that I see around me, also a great way yo tell stories or get across an ideal etc. Thats my job, to make that wall that most will probably forget or be too small to stem the tide, but that's the romance of it, trying, even if its against the odds!

I want to thanks Kim , my biz partner in 3A, never has he said wait up ash, or maybe thats too much or going to far, he has supported my shit from the beginning without question, thats a rare thing and Im lucky to have it !

Back to listening to the New Order live at Bestival, its good show, and if you fancy join 3AA, the waters warm and the beer is cold.