Where is my VOX

This week will see a new VOX, VOX has proven quite the success but the reality is, it's a bugger to find time to do it ( on top of everything else I do ). I'm pretty sure most think 3A is much bigger company than we are, and we just don't have the man power to make it happen on time every time. All our resources are being directed at shipping toys that are late, we want you guys to get those more than making a newsletter. Our mission is still the same as it as was on day one, make great toys. The downside to this is it sometimes takes more time to do than first thought. During production many issues pop up, some are easy, some take some work, always with a better product in mind. I would rather delay something and deliver a better product than ship it on-time but inferior. Take the retail AK figures, which were delayed for packaging defects and the fact I didn't like the jeans on Little Shadow, yup I delayed the toy further for this, because I don't want a figure with what I thought were shit pants. Now also remember, we have not been paid a cent for these figures up till that point, retailers do not pay until they are ready to ship ( regardless of what some may say ), I was spending 3A money remaking the jeans for a better product, coz in the end that's what we all want, better toys, care taken, even at the expense of time and effort!

That's just 3A, if that isn't your thing, stay away and accept the mass produced and uncared for shit!

Ashley Wood

Also remember, if you have questions or concerns please contact us at cs@threeaonline.com