Quick introduction

Hello, My name is Daniel, but most of people within threeA community and Legion know me as Gimbat. I've been with threeA Internet Division since December 2008 and it was (and still is) a total blast and big honor for me. I'm proud to be working for a company, which not only sets such a high standard for it's products, but does everything to make it fun and unforgettable experience. For me threeA never was only about figures and beautiful art, it was about the community and threeA Legion as well. It's pleasure to work, knowing that owners of the company truly believe in what they are doing and always hold their word.

To tell you just a tiny bit about some of the work I do:

Here is my news column (and archive), which I'm constantly updating and working on and currently I'm in charge of 3A page on Facebook.

And from time to time, you will see me posting in here and informing you about things. Please don't forget to sign-up for 3AVOX, which is our regular newsletter and voice of Ashley Wood.

It's very symbolic for me , to start my journey on threeA blog, during AK Palm in the Face Sunday JC sale , which everyone is excited about.

So from words, right down to business and what's going on right now:

Palm in the Face Sunday JC was up at www.bambalandstore.com for few times (went up in batches), for those who didn't see him at the store, the figure costs 90 USD (shipping is included in the price) , one per delivery address (in order for more people to give the opportunity to have this figure). The figure comes with red robe, towel of turin and zomb head. Please don't forget that sale is considered complete only after the paypal transaction is made.

And please, never hesitate to join threeA forum , ask questions and get involved, we will be happy to see you.