Venture swag sets

Full lineup of Re-Venture exclusives sets for ONLINE PRE-ORDER ONLY by attending 3AA 2012 members. Pick up only, non transferable. Attending 3AA members picking up toys must carry legal identification (e.g. ID card, Passport, Driver’s License) that corresponds to their 3AA account. set A includes: TK (random) Nabler 1/12th scale Square MK2 10Pack Lady Sham T-shirt FI 4 Book $420 before 3AA discounted

set B includes: TQ (random) Mongrol Ankou ex Wray Book T-shirt Raw FI Book $400 before 3AA discounted

Superset C (set A and set B combined) : $800 before 3AA discount

You can read detailed Re-Venture rules and other related information here.