Berties and Birthdays

The funny thing is that I been writing threeA news for years now , but when I'm writing something on the blog, I often have brain freeze or writers block. Why? Because it's a new medium for me , even though I already established my own voice, I got to find just a right tone for the blog (especially when Ashley Wood is sharing the space with me). So please bear with me, while I search for it. In a previous post , Ashley mentioned about new 1/12th scale Berties MK3 coming up for sale at the store. Next Bertie is going to be: Sand Devil Mode B (cannons) , followed later on by others, like Daywatch Mode A (shotgun version).

First let's get clear with Bertie Modes. Each Mode has a different task and duty in WWR Universe, but blog isn't the exact format to tell the story and I'll leave it all to Ashley.

Mode A: shotgun version and Mode B: cannon version. Some Berties colorways in 1/6th scale were only offered in one Mode , like Daywatch and Nightwatch , however some were offered in each of the Modes (cannon and shotgun), like Deep Powder and Desert Sand Devil. So far Berties in 1/12th scale are repeating their big brothers Modes.

I understand that there might be a slight confusion with 1/12th Berties , 'cause they come up as singles and then leave the store. Berties which were already offered in 2011 are: Nightwatch Bertie Mode B , Deep Powder Mode A and JEA Marine Bertie Mode A. JEA Marine Bertie already shipped and NW and DP are going to dispatch soon.

Why I mentioned Birthdays though? Cause they both start with a "B" (doh!). When people will ask me, what you did on your Birthday? I would honestly answer - I was working, doing different tasks on my long personal agenda. Why? Because I love threeA and I truly believe in everything we do and each day I have butterflies in my stomach. And where for some reason I'm not in the mood (as all people can have their ups & down), I go online and search  for threeA toys pics by our Legionnaires and seeing how Ashley's art and our toys inspires people, make my smile THAT big and always makes my day.

Have a nice weekend dear readers and enjoy your life.

P.S. Here is a teaser from a while back, featuring selection of Berties (as I mentioned above, some of them are already sold out):