VOX Re-Venture special newsletter is out in the wild

Shipping update: Ankou EX SXCLB Bouncer & Little Shadow MK2 Latex Throwdown Set is shipping out and few already landed in Asia.

If you haven't received VOX Re-Venture special newsletter in your email, you can read it here.

I must admit that Shit Mood Lady Sham, really caught my attention and I immediately fell in love with it.













Re-Venture FAQs:

1) What is the address of Re-Venture? Room A, 3/F, Jone Mult Industrial Building, 169 Wai Yip St., Kwun Tong, Hong Kong













2) What are the dates and Re-Venture working hours? April 27th is an invitation night and it stars on 6:30PM. On 28 April – 4 May 11:00am – 08:00pm, the event will be open to the public and entrance is free of charge. Saturday April 28 and Sunday April 29, Ashley Wood, William Wray and Rufus Dayglo will be available to sign books and toys purchased at R-Venture. The exact time of this signing will be announced in advance.

3) Who gets invited to opening night on April 27th? The Opening Night Event Party will take place on Friday 27 April and be opened only to invited friends and guests of ThreeA. The first one-hundred (100) paid and confirmed 3AA pre-sale customers will be invited as guests to the party and they will be notified in advance.

4) When 3AA pre-order is happening? 3AA pre-order is ONLY for people, who will be able to pick up Re-Venture exclusives at the show. Pre-sale will take place on 10th April, at 9am, at http://www.bambaland.com. Pre-sale of Event Exclusives is available for existing ThreeA Associates 2012 (3AA) only, and is limited one (1) set per person. Only sets will be offered during 3AA pre-order:

set A includes: TK (random) Nabler 1/12th scale Square MK2 10Pack Lady Sham T-shirt FI 4 Book $420 before 3AA discount

set B includes: TQ (random) Mongrol Ankou ex Wray Book T-shirt Raw FI Book $400 before 3AA discount

Superset C (set A and set B combined) : $800 before 3AA discount

5) What are 3AA pre-order rules, which you must fulfill to make an order (besides being 3AA 2012 member and visiting Re-Venture)?

When placing the online pre-order, the buyer MUST enter his/her complete name, as written on his/her legal ID (e.g. ID card, Passport, Driver’s License), into the “Special Instructions” text field provided in the screen. You must pay in advance (with PayPal or AliPay), or your order will be canceled. Pick-up will take place at 09:30pm – 11:00pm on Friday 27 April, and at 11:00am – 08:00pm during the remainder of the event (28 April – 4 May). You must be present at the event to collect your order for yourself. When receiving your order at the event, you must present your legal identification (e.g. ID card, Passport, Driver’s License), as well as a paper print-out of both your Order Confirmation from Bambaland and your PayPal or AliPay receipt. All the above three (3) items must be presented in advance when picking up your order. Absolutely NO exceptions will be made.

6) What are the sale rules during the event and when queuing starts? A queue will be formed near the downstairs event entrance on the night of Friday 27 April, at 7:00 pm. The exact location will be announced in advance and marked. To enter the queue, you must be ages 15 – 60. A purchase pass will be issued to each customer and each person is only entitled to one purchase pass. Anyone caught jumping queue will be sent to the back of the line. Sale will begin on Saturday, 28 April at 10:00 am. Each toy is available on a first come, first serve basis until it's sold out. Limited purchase of one (1) of each available figure per person. You must pay immediately in cash (only HKD accepted) upon reaching the front of the queue and placing your order. If you placed a 3AA pre-order, you may not buy duplicate items at the event. In case of any disputes, the decision of ThreeA shall be final.

7) Which single figures will be on sale during the event?

ANKOU EX SXCLB H SHADEY 1/6th $165 usd

WWRP Square MK2 KID SARGE 10 PACK 1/12th $150usd

YESTERDAY PRINCESS ( two versions, random ) 1/6th $90usd


OLD GUARD T KING SBV ( four versions, random ) 1/6th $90usd



8 ) Will Re-Venture exclusives be available online? After the event has come to an end, an allotment of Event Exclusives will be available on ThreeA’s Bambaland store for fans who cannot attend. Any duplicate orders, or orders placed by those who attended the event, will be canceled. Details will be released in advance.

Please keep in mind, that answers posted above are subject to change and all the latest information & changes (if there will be any) will be announced in 3AVOX newsletter , here in the blog or at Re-Venture blog.