Hi " I am Kim of ThreeA. I am here today is to thank you sincerely for all your support of ThreeA since the first toys we made. Ashley and I never be expect we can gain these much support from you all. We here at ThreeA are doing all our best for our fans , we are working on production delays everyday and have placed many new systems to speed up production in the near future , the way we make toys is very labor intensive and we have had to delay toys to make sure they are as good we can make them. But please do not doubt interest to make good toys for your support. " Hi, Ash here, I also want to convey the same sentiment, our mission has never changed from day one, make great toys for you guys, we have never worried about making 3A a big company and churning crap on mass to bank or being popular with the cool toy guys.  Our toys are late, yup cant pretend or double step that, and actually I don't want to, they are late because we are trying to make great stuff, it always seems to take longer than planned and every change or rework adds to the production time (I would rather have you pissed at us for waiting than some generic shit toy that could be made anywhere ) I know it sucks, i know it doesnt make it any easier to wait, but at least you know we give a shit! Kim is working very hard to fix these missives and soon the benefits of these will be seen in shorter turn arounds.

Oh yea The response to RE-Venture has been stealing and showed what great support we have AGAIN, this really gives us energy to keep doing what we are doing , thanks from both Kim and me!


please contact if you have concerns about your order from threeA