Re-Venture purchase pass clarification

It came to our attention that there is misunderstanding what Re-Venture purchase pass is, in reality it's simple order form.Some even started to spread rumors, that if you have it, then you are entitled to guaranteed purchase of exclusive figures at our show. In reality it doesn't guarantee you anything,  think of it, as just a sort of menu with all the exclusives (and prices) on one list , where you need to mark what you want, while standing in the line  - basically it's done to speed things up and to guarantee that you haven't jumped the queue. As mentioned previously in the rules we posted, all Re-Venture exclusives are offered on first come - first served basis, so if something is already sold-out, it doesn't matter whether you have it marked on your purchase pass.

Of course purchases passes aren't required for 3AA Re-Venture pre-sale participants, who will be picking up their pre-orders, unless they want to buy something else at the show (they will have to queue in the line).

If you have any questions please re-read Re-Venture rules and information here and please keep following ThreeA Production blog and Re-Venture blog for more info.