Purchase tickets heads up

It's incredible what's going on here at Re-Venture, neighboring hotel had to call the police because of the lines and all the people queuing and we just had to play by ear, so we started giving out purchase tickets. At this moment, we already ran out of purchase tickets for Re-Venture exclusives, so unless there will be a further notice - we are sold-out and there is no point to queue and stand under Hong Kong rain. We will have after the show allotment at Bambalandstore, so everyone will have an equal chance to buy Re-Venture exclusives online. More info about that will be at ThreeA production blog or 3AVOX newsletter.

On behalf of all ThreeA team, we want to thank you so much for all the amazing support and for people coming from so many countries in the world, just to see our show!

Re-Venture opens it's doors in half an hour from now for the invitation night and whole ThreeA team is looking so much forward to that!