For making RE-VENTURE fucking great, I was hoping it would be like the first one.But fuck me it was better. I know I can speak for Wray and Dayglo when I say how much fun we had chatting with you guys! 3A isnt just a company that makes shit, its my family from my co-workers to our supporters! It incredibly inspiring and flattering the support 3A gets everyday, from emails of support, to so many fans joining us at Re-Venture and the support of our sales!  I have to smile ,the Supreme Nom was an epic sale , glad to know that so many of you understand what Im doing and why!

We make great toys, we give a shit, because we know some you give a shit, some of you don't want to the crap to win, some of you care.

So from me , Kim, and all the 3A crew THANKS for having our backs!


Oh and while I'm here.. thanks to the flippers and haters for all your free advertising and promotion on facebook, ebay and the internet in general, Im sure we wouldn't have nearly as much profile without your briney work.