Bye Bye Re-Venture

We all heard the expression that time flies, when you have fun, right? But when you are doing what you love, having fun and meeting the most awesome people from all over the world, it goes into the light speed! I am smiling to my memories of Re-Venture and going through them in my head, while sitting at Helsinki airport, I just can't believe how fast it all went and how AMAZING it was. Today (4th of May) is actually last day of the show and we just can't wrap it up, without showing photo of whole ThreeA HK staff (which I took some hours ago), showing all the people who worked hard for the show to happen for months and who work each day behind the curtain at Hong Kong ThreeA office to make the ThreeA magic shine.

I tip the hat to Ashley Wood, Benny Fok , Kim Fung Wong for everything they did and do, and to artists: Rufus Dayglo and William Wray, who came to the show, brought their art and made it even more unbelievable experience.

And of course HUGE thanks goes to all the people, who came to show and made it such a success! Thank you for your SUPPORT and for coming to the show!









On the photo starting from left: Kelvin Vivian Ling Ching Tony Kim Benny Candy Paco Ivy Victor Siuyin Lok

And I have to mention our little ThreeA Internet division , all the people who were on the spot, helping during the show and holding the fort online:

bing (Kenny)




and online:




AND T P for manning the HKRV blog...