Introduction of ThreeA online catalog

First ThreeA sale happened almost four years ago , on June 26th 2008 and it was Nom de Plume from World War Robot Universe. And what a four years it were! Since then, we introduced different lines and scales , worked together with coolest artists and now started doing robots under movie licenses. Even though some things changed over the years, in my opinion ThreeA always have been about evolving , but staying true to it's origin and ideals. So, to cut the long story short: our art & toy exhibition – Re-Venture closed it's doors on May 4th and today I want to introduce you ThreeA online catalog ! It's still very raw, doesn't feature all of our releases (just 420 entries at the moment) and we will keep working on improving it, but at the same time, we are very anxious to show it to you and especially to all the new people who just discovering the world of ThreeA.