End of May shipping update

Before I proceed, please keep in mind that this is the most recent and solid shipping update, which covers only this & last week. I'm constantly keeping in touch with Hong Kong and notify you about shipping updates, once there is something to report. For those, who missed previous update & to help with keeping track of things (while we are waiting for 3AVOX newsletter to return), here is a summary of products, which were sent out recently:

1) Replacements of Popbot Princess Tomorrow Queen to buyers who confirmed their address (by answering on email from 3A CS).

2) WWRp Heavy Bramble Iron Panda

3) WWRp Bertie MK3 Deep Powder Corp and Nightwatch.

4) Popbot 7Bones Queeny.

5) 3A Publishing Ashley Wood's: Fuck it #4 (first run, not the reprint) and William Wray: "Cult of Beauty".

What's shipping out this week?

  • WWR Rothchild release
  • Part of Adventure Kartel 10 Finger Gang Members orders (more will be shipped throughout June).

3AA 2012 membership packages are almost ready to leave and will be shipped during first week of June. I will bring you all up to speed, once there will be more info.