Shipping update - first weeks of June

I prefer to stick with weekly updates for now, as they are more accurate than monthly plans – which without a doubt are very impressive , but as time pass, they are more affected by changes and various obstacles. For those, who missed previous update & to help with keeping track of orders, here is a summary of products, which were sent out: 1) WWR Rothchild release (singles and Father & Son 2pack) - shipped out 2) AK Finger Gang orders (singles and Robot Finger Gang Faux Retailer Box ) - first batches shipped out 3) 3AA 2012 membership boxes started to roll out

Shipping schedule for next week (11 - 17.06):

  • 3A Publishing Ashley Wood's Fuck it: Raw
  • 3A Publishing Ashley Wood's Fuck it # 4r  (reprint)
  • 3A Publishing Ashley Wood's Fuck it: Rawr (reprint)
  • shipping of remaining 3AA 2012 Membership packages
  • shipping of remaining AK Finger Gang figures

Please don't forget that you are more than welcomed to contact our customer service professionals at , if you have problems with your figures or want to find out something about your order (whether it's tracking address, additional information or anything else). And if you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice to 3Asupport on twitter or checkout our official page on Facebook.

Can't wait to bring you more shipping updates next week!