Preview night at SDCC

Preview night at SDCC just ended few hours ago and pics are start to coming in. While I am waiting for high resolution photos, which will be available slightly later on (most likely tomorrow), I am eager to share these quick shots by James Brown with you, featuring WWR 4th NOM, WWR NOM27 - first N.O.M Disciple, Adventure Kartel Palm in the Face Sunday JC,  Valve + 3A SDCC 2012 Exclusive 3A X Valve Sandvich, t-shirt container and other entirely new version of our figures. Please keep in mind that these are just quick shots, to share with you what was happening at our booth and hopefully pass you some positive SDCC emotions of craziness and excitement.

Before I'll proceed with the pics, SDCC coverage wouldn't be full without checking photos and stories at Ashley Wood's blog.

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