Welcome to another Sunday Q&A session with Ashley Wood! Thanks to all who keep sending their questions and anxiously awaiting each Sunday Q&A to go up! I added few links here and there to our blog and 3AVOX for all the new readers to understand questions and answers better.

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Q: Are there any plans for Dead Astronaut Gangsta in 1/12th scale or he is too delicate for it?
A: No plans, hard enough work making the 1/6th !

Q: Even though we saw EVENFALL release one in November, it seemed like a very calm month on 3A blog, are you gearing up for something big or just a lot of work behind the curtain?
A: I don’t know what that means, seemed like a lot of work to me and everyone at 3A!

Q: Any new kitties coming our way? Maybe with new Popbot?
A: A new Popbot next year if all goes well, if there is a Popbot there will be a kitty!

Q: Can you tell us what the significance of “Alles Sehen” being on the back of the NOMs, I know it translates to “See All”, but is it a motto or some kind of mission statement?
A: They see all, its a combo of position and intent!

Q: This is in regard to Potato Commander, in the comic from The Dead Easy Corp,  Potato Commander had a face drawn on his cowl, but on the prototype figure his cowl was blank. Will he have a face drawn on the cowl in final production figure or will it be blank like the prototype?
A: Blank like the proto, I was originally gonna have the face but looked wrong.

Q: In the last Q&A session, you mentioned that it would be fun to make another gatling gun Bramble. Maybe it could be more than one colorway? Iron Panda, Big Red and African Defense would be great! Or something special for 3A Anniversary next June? Also, might they have new weapons or will they rock a chain or double gats like their predecessors?
A: I think it would be double guns and gatling guns. I wouldn’t mind making the RPG version in 1/6th like its smaller 1/12th brother though. Maybe ill do some pre-order experiments, if we get the numbers we can do it, if not it will be canceled and so on..

Q: How about Deep Powder Armstrong? Since WF Armstrong are on the way, maybe you can give us also the Deep Powder Armstrong sale together with WF sale later? Or at least the 1/12th scale ver also no problem, because not all of us are WF fans, some of us (many, I think) are Deep Powder fans..
A: I have always like the DEEP POWDER, I wouldn’t be against it, I gotta say getting the Meat is Murder set really reminded how much I like the Armstrong design!

Q: Since TKYO and YHYO is TK boyband, maybe we can see TQ girlband in the future?
A: Well, the TKYO will have a new member soon! Ill post the teaser today if I can. TKYO are a fun concept, lame ass band, but top notch spec ops TK’s. Like all great TK’s. Its how they die that define them, and TKY are no exception!

Q: WWRp Dropcloths are shipping out next week, maybe it’s time to think about 1.5U Dropcloths in 1/12th?
A: I have to make some more  1/6th 1.5′s before I even think of that!

Q: Just got my WWRp damaged and regular Bertie MK3.5 and I got to say that damaged one is beautiful and the amount of weathering and work put into it is astonishing. Can you pretty please offer more colorways? DW&NW pack, both damaged in unique way would be a dream coming to true! Also, any chance of seeing damaged Armstrongs, Dropcloths, Brambles and Squares (even though we have Snippy, would love to see some more).
A: I want to make damaged everything, as I see a beauty in it. To be honest, they were not that popular, so the message I get is that no one really wants them? maybe I’m not getting the right info? A damaged Bramble, or Large Martin isnt pretty damn exciting!

Q: You hinted a possibility of 3A making more MGS figures after RAY…any chance to hear more? And since we are on it, is RAY still in the cards for December pre-order? I understand that 3A usually announces prices closer to the release date, but with Christmas and the fact that it’s an expensive collectible, would be great to hear an approximate price and date a bit ahead please.
A: I would say it will be similar to REX, we don’t hold of on pricing for any reason that we just don’t know yet, until all the costings, including manufacturing, shipping etc are known we cant make a firm price. Ill ask Kim and see where he is at on it.

Q: What does [X] mean on some WWR bots? We’ve seen it on a few bots now (Deimos Caesar, Iron Panda Dropcloth and possibly the Cydonia Heavy Bramble) and it appears to only be found on bots associated with the Martians. Is there a conspiracy afoot? Or are we reading too deeply into things?
A: Well that depends on t… …. ……. …….. … …!

Q: What kind of direction would you like to see clothing for threeA figures evolve towards? Will we see figures with more layered clothing, or perhaps different types of jackets and coats i.e leather, wool. 3A Parade sounds like a very interesting line to experiment with different outfits and materials.
A: I think I want it to reflect my ideas, thats the main reason I do 3A is to make my ideas into a physical objects.  I know there isnt a type of clothes we cant do, from delicate to heavy.

Q: Peppermint Grove pre-order is knocking on the door and this question is on my mind: is there going to be a shadow mode Peppermint Grove to hang out with the Soy Dolphin ?
A: PEPPERMINT SOY, how dare you imply any such character would exist let alone try and get the jump on sale info! Im pretty sure the Pep wouldn’t like to show anything in common with the GD, even if they are brother and sister! Or maybe there is..

Q: Are Grunts in World War Robot universe clones? Or just random people seeking for “legion estrange” in a hope for a better life?  If they are indeed clones, whose DNA they are from?
A: Like any army, they are made up people who love for the ideal of it, love to kill, love adventure or just looking for a place to fit in!

Q: Does every fraction has their commander ? Do they wear same color as their troop or they prefer to blend and stay “incognito” (to avoid sniper attacks perhaps)?
A: Commanders of say the Earth and Martian armies look similar to the regular soldiers ( the commander of a Grunt corp may only visibly different by a small part of kit or status insignia etc), only NOM have distinct class looks, as they are fans of hierarchy and such.

Q: I just got retail Caesar colorways and was wondering, if you plan to release more bots, using these colorways (BcELL in particular) or it was more like a test?
A: Well you have the Caesar, Harold is shipping this month etc. BcELL is Rothcild logistics company, the heavy firepower of the large bots isn’t needed. yet!

Q: Would you consider doing other Square Enix properties like Final Fantasy? Would be amazing seeing Cloud, Aerith, Cait Sith and the Mog done in your style.
A: I think they have their toys covered.

Q: Can we please have an update on Fuck it #5 or 2014 calendar ?
A: Well Fuck it #5 keeps getting bigger, then shrinking etc, I dont feel any pressure or need to rush them out, one day ill go, AH! thats it and print the fucker. CAL will go on sale early December, it being printed now, and ill be signing any copies purchased before the 10th of December or so.

Q: Ash, some time ago you mentioned you like the 4 original Masters of the Universe minicomics.These were indeed wonderful, providing a good, moody setting without going in much detail, and Alfredo Alcala’s artwork is just stunning. Is there any chance of you ever producing similar minicomics to go along with future releases? Or that’s already happening with EVENFALL?
A: Well that will be for Evenfall for now, but its a time thing, I wish I could make books for everything, not a toy is made that doesnt have a good yarn behind it and it would be fun to share them with you guys. But as im a REAL  HANDS ON guy, I just cant pass onto to others to tell the story, I guess that restricts the reach and market for me and 3A, but that's the price I pay, I want to give my 100% attention and care to it all.

Q: Is AK Bitch Emma lost on her way? I am worried about her!
A: She is around, sniffing at the butt of AK!

Q: Now that we have seen both Peppermint Grove and Golden Dolphin are we going to see the bot that they stole the hands from, Pharox? Of course, he wants his shit back!
A: The AK world is built on two pillars, the pillar of the OCCULT and the pillar of ROBOTS. Where as the occult world is pretty much lead by the SHADOW family, the Robots have their own linage, PHAROX is like an elder god in this sphere! The longer the AK world can continue the layers will be revealed!

Q: When its time for the Bertie mk2′s in 1/6 will there be a bloody DD’s? And if so will it have the hand print in blood that was on the OG MK1 bloody exclusive version? That always scared the shit out of me imagining a dying grunt reaching out and placing his bloody hand on the Bertie in a attempt to steady himself before he drops to the ground dead, also really added a sense of scale to the bot.
A: I think so, fuck i wanna make a DD 1/6th set, at least for myself, with de-Plume up front!

Q: I am planning to keep poking you until you give us a date for AP Tommy and Little Shadow, Bleak and Custard ! How do you go about scheduling sales? What takes priority? Is it down to what you want to see produced? Demand you see here or general feedback?
A: Scheduling is pretty liquid, its comes down to what is ready and right to offer, some things seem like they are a week away from selling and take months to get there, chaos runs our world, and at times can make the simple very complicated! Take the Microman for example, so close, SO CLOSE, but as we have to respect and right so TAKARA’s timeline and make sure the initial intent is covered. But what you say, I asked about AP AK, well the next stage is gonna be shown soon at NYC TOY FAIR 2014!

Q: NYCTF TK Cornelius caused some serious mayhem in the vinyl world! How is it going to be offered? If it’s indeed NYCTF exclusive only, how it will be sold, since it’s for the professionals only. Or perhaps it’s Bambalandstore drop to celebrate 3A participation in NYCTF? So many questions!
A: Im glad to hear that , I hear nothing, really, I kinda dont hang out online and for all I knew 3 people liked it!  Its basically a calling card for 3A for NYC toy fair which we will be attending for the for the first time this year, booth 4858. We were not going to sell them, just give away. If this TK something we should of the TK fan, Im sure we can offer a version, everyone tell SIUYIN we want TK Cornelius and we shall see!

Q: Currently watching EXCALIBUR (watched DUNE late last night) both made me think – any chance 3A does an armored period knight? (some of the suits in Excalibur are fuckin awesome) and what about a DUNE license? I believe you could make some stellar Fremen as well as Harkonnen, worms and guild members….
A: I love DUNE, I liked the film too, had some great visuals.. shit I wanna make the WORM ! I think I mentioned the KNIGHT’s story I have before on this Q&A , its kinda cool. Damn I loved EXCALIBUR as a kid, the Bob Peak posters, the hint of breasts, great film!

Q: What type of fighting style does Golden Dolphin use to keep his enemies at bay?
A: GD beats the fuck outta them with his robot fist, kicks them in the balls with his boots, and like to poke them on the eye with the snout of his Dolhin hat! If that fails he berates them with the doctrine of the GD!

Q: How does Peppermint Grove captures her robot bounties? Does she use weapons or boobie traps or something even more wicked?
A: Pep G is very smart, the opposite of GD, she will use whatever it takes, normally someone else!

Q: Do you have a paint surface preference?  Wood panels vs. canvas?
A: I like both, they have such different quality’s and feels. I would have said wood panel a couple of years a go though!

Q: Are Polaroids of Grey still making music?
A: Some say they never started!