Ashlet Wood's Sampling table 1

Welcome to my sampling table, its basically a small drawing desk in my studio where I check out new our new toys etc. I figured some of you might be interested in this and some vague thoughts I have on the toys. In this majestic debut, the BcELL Logistics Harold makes a first appearance. BcELL are Rothchild's robot couriers in short, they get the hardware to the front line, and sometimes lay the strap down as well. When these guys deliver a smushed box, you say thanks and smile ! I guess they are a thinly veiled private army for Rothchild working both sides of the conflict. After seeing this Harold, I though how cool the new Dropcloth would be in the BcELL colors. Thats the fun part of 3A, i get to design and see my ideas made into solid objects, cant beat that ( oh yea, I still design every character in my worlds at 3A, design the colorways and whatnot etc. If I didnt, it would be like listening to a band that played songs written by other people...LAME!).

Oh yea, thats the AP Fantome running around in the second shot, wondering whether he should be a pack in or otherwise...? Speaking of pack in's, the Harolds sold on bamba all come with a great pack in, but more later when they go up for sale!

thanks ASH

one note, because will ask, the Harold doesnt have his pouches on!