Shipping update

A lot of exciting stuff were mentioned on the blog today: BBICN exclusives , Harolds, Red Devil Lady Sham , you name it! And now it's time for me to do my deed and announce another shipping update. WWRp MK3 Berties, shipped out and should be already posed and standing on the displays in many homes. Here is the list of Berties, which were shipped to the customers:

  • Bertie MK3 Sand Devil Mode A
  • Bertie MK3 Sand Devil Mode B
  • Daywatch Bertie MK3
  • G.I.D Recon Bertie MK3A

Now on to Supreme NOM, as I mentioned earlier this month, we were planning to ship it towards the end of August. At the moment, I have an estimated about last days of August and will keep you updated.

Massive and super articulated Real Steel: Ambush starting to roll out. It's a bit more complicated with Ambush shipping, as it's a one big figure (42cm / 16.5" tall). Shipping will be made in batches, this week we are ready to ship orders to US and HK clients and next week we will proceed with the next batch. Ideally we would love for all our clients order to be dispatched at the same time, but unfortunately logistics of shipping can be really sophisticated sometimes.

I hope you will get your Ambush soon and will be able to spoil us with many photos. Meanwhile you can checkout highly detailed review of Ambush by Toy People (lots of photos and 360 view).

If you will have any questions about your ThreeA orders, you are more than welcomed to contact our customer service professionals at . Please don't hesitate to write us an email, as we would be happy to help you. And if you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or checkout our official 3AVOX page on Facebook.