Shipping update and plans

We are ready to start shipping of WWR Supreme NOM release figures next week. Same time for Ashley Wood collection: Audrey slips with butterknife release.

And we plan to start shipping Bambalandstore allotment of SDCC exclusives soon. The allotment was exclusively offered at Bambalandstore on July 12th 2012. Which includes: Valve x 3A SDCC 2012 Exclusive Weighted Companion Square ; Valve x 3A SDCC 2012 Exclusive 1:1 Sandvich; WWR Mighty Squaro.

I previously wrote that first batches of Real Steel: Ambush orders started to ship out and few Legionnaires already made pretty rad photos of this monstrous fighting robot. Currently, we are waiting for more robots to arrive from the Hatchery, in order to proceed with the following stages of International shipping. I will keep you informed about this.

If you will have any questions about your ThreeA orders, you are more than welcomed to contact our customer service professionals at . Please don’t hesitate to write us an email, as we would be happy to help you. And if you prefer social networks, you can reach out for advice and direction to 3Asupport on twitter or checkout our official 3AVOX page on Facebook.