G3A details

3AA 2012 members, please check your emails (the ones you use to login to Bambalandstore) for G3A info and details. We were working on the new store for a while and currently, we are happy to announce that G3A is up and the registration is open. 3AA members already received the emails with all the necessary registration instructions. We migrated all 3AA members to the new store, so they are keeping the discount and all the privileges. Unfortunately we couldn't migrate non-3AA members, who registered at Bambalandstore. Please go to G3A to register, it's quick and easy procedure.

We made a couple of manuals to make your registration process smooth and easy. Here is the registration guide for example, purchase guide is located in "Latest news" panel on the left.

G3A might be a bit on the slow side right now, as many people are registering and browsing the site. It's a good test to see how it works on the load, change things here and there (we already filed a request for more bandwidth).

I'm aware that few people were stressing during registration procedure, thinking that there might be a sale going. There are currently no toys for sale at the store, so you aren't missing on anything.

Update: G3A: system is off, we need to change few things and adjust registration procedure. We are sorry for the inconvenience.