G3A is for everyone

With me constantly mentioning 3AA members on the blog, I'm already receiving questions from non-3AA members, whether they can register at G3A. Sure you can! Please complete quick and easy registration procedure and we will happy to have you here. We migrated only accounts of 3AA members (because of privileges and discount) , so if you aren't 3AA member - you need to go through the registration process again.

Past order history for non-3AA and 3AA members will not be transferred to G3A , but you can view it at Bambalandstore (where you made the orders).

G3A has paypal's express checkout functionality to make shopping faster and more convenient. Using either PayPal or Alipay, the customer must make an immediate payment after the checkout, for the transaction to be completed. We will not accept delayed payments.

One last thing though, if you are 3AA member and still can't access G3A, you can use forgot your password process here. You will have to enter your email (the one you use to login to Bambalandstore) , enter captcha code and you will receive newly generated password in the email. After that, please change your password at my account - password window (direct link - only if you logged in to the store) and review your shipping information at modify your address book window ( direct link - only if you logged in to the store ).