Sunday stuff

Heya 3A is something I think a lot about , how to make better, how to make more fun, how to reach the goals I set myself for it when we started.

Never doing anything like 3A before its all a new experience everyday brings unique issues and problems. Sure I have worked at companies that made toys in the past, have been privy to many situations that have aided my thinking with 3A, but there is so much more to consider when your at the helm. I still do all my own designs, every toy apart from the licensed stuff is 100% me, its quite a responsibility I gotta say.. I love it though, the chance to create worlds and put them out there is a rare gift! Plus I have a the best supporters, passionate and smart. You can always judge an artist by their audience they say, well then I must be doing something fucking right! But yea, I still feel the pressure of making great stuff, not adding to the pile if shit toys !

Im just thinking out loud here, thinking about what I love about 3A... which is just doing it, I dont want to sit back and lets others design my stuff, do this or that, I want to be in the trenches, I want to make the fucking newsletter, sure it didnt look great or have bells and whistles, but fuck, i did with my voice. So im going to start doing it again, my own shitty way, with spelling errors and missing shit, but its real, and thats why 3A is great to me--REAL. We are not company strung together with business plans and accountants projecting our future, we are still two guys ( thats Kim ) figuring out what to do on the fly, stuff thats excites us, stuff we care about. Shit even when its not my worlds I get to be involved with ideas and stories I really dig, no licensed stuff is done at 3A without us loving it, that's our motivation. you grab me anywhere and ask why we did MGS or 2000ad etc, ill tell you from the heart why!

Yup we aint the slickest operation, but I love this group that is 3A, from our main office in Kowloon, to our hatchery of hard workers to the fans! I fucking care about it enough to rant on a Sunday and that's enough for me to know im doing it right!!


i didnt spell check nor read through this for grammar, thats giving in !