ThreeA at NYCC 2012

ThreeA Toys New York Comic-Con 11 - 14 October 2012 Booth#3105

For ThreeA's first attendance at NYCC 2012, we will have two (2) exclusives available at our booth (#3105) for purchase. The exclusives featured are a World War Robot NYCC EMGY Mighty Square and a 3A EMGY t-shirt w/ Artillery Shell Container. Due to the limited production time for this year's convention, all exclusives will be sold on-site at a first-come, first-served basis. Each item is limited one (1) per person with valid NYCC badge. Since these items are limited, there is no guarantee that attending NYCC will secure you the opportunity to purchase an item. There will be a specified allotment for each day of the convention except for Sunday, which will be reserved to sell any remaining product. Both ThreeA Associates (3AA) and public allotments will be autonomous. There will be no pre-order and our booth will be accepting cash only.

3A NYCC Exclusives Sales Times

  • Thursday, 11 Oct - 18:00/6pm EDT
  • Friday, 12 Oct - 13:00/1pm EDT
  • Saturday, 13 Oct - 13:00/1pm EDT
  • Sunday, 14 Oct - (any remaining product, sold all day)

When the queue forms, we will issue tickets that mark your place in queue so that people cannot jump the line. We will also count the people in queue and cut it off once we have reached our capacity of sales for that day.

Public and 3AA members will be issued different tickets so please bring your 3AA 2012 member card to be permitted access to the 3AA sales allotment. You must also present your 3AA 2012 member card in order to receive the 15% 3AA discount on your purchase(s). 3AA discounts are non-transferrable and you will be required to present it while making your purchase. We look forward to seeing you in New York !