Preview night at NYCC

Preview night is over at NYCC and it was great! Lots of familiar faces stopped by and we met a lot of new and extremely people. We sold our today's allotment of WWR Mighty EMGY Squares and EMGY t-shirts, but we will have more tomorrow and on Saturday. T-shirt and WWR Supplement books are available during the day, EMGY Mighty Square friday sale starts on 1:00PM (same time for Saturday) and we will be delighted to see you! Squares and t-shirts are limited to one per person. We have various posters at the booth as well, come on by and get one for free. Oh and did I mention that Squares come with different names on them? I'll upload a lot pics tomorrow (right after EMGY Mighty Square sale), working on getting more decent internet connection to upload bigger and nice quality photos.

See ya all at NYCC, booth #3105 in 8 hours from now.