As 2012 is nearly over, my mind is really focused on 2013 and the line up we are bringing to you guys. But before that we are putting the finishing touches on the 3AA 2013 pack, for 2013 we are putting together a really elegant package with an iconic toy. We are also going back to the T-shirt which has always been an essential part of special 3A offerings. I find it hard to believe we are going into out 5th year, I personally feel incredibly proud and excited by this and feel we are getting better here at 3A. Making toys and getting them into your hands has been quite an education, I had no real i idea of the complexities up till starting 3A, I had only ever been involved with design of toys and whatnot in the past, not really privy to the trenches of manufacturing and shipping side of it. We want to start pushing further in 2013 what we can do with toys, bring more depth and quality to them, we do not want to dumb down and become a mass producer, actually the opposite, thats the future of 3A. From our internal lines like WWR, TOTEM and AK, to our hand picked licenses such as Microman, Ma.K, HALO and ****** ( comic based line we cant reveal yet ) will all benefit from out push to make better, more fun and interesting toys. For me personally, I cant wait to reveal my Dead Astronaut Gangsta, Lasstranaut and the Devilbot in the new year, also the chance to get to introduce my new universe of TOTEM to you guys is really big thrill. Shit, its like Christmas every week for me!

It's funny, I was going to write up a little update on SHOT the 3A photo book and kinda went off on a tangent. I just wanted to say how great and fun the photos are that you guys sent in, from the Pro level could be a out-take from a film shot, to the passionate I just love my toy snap, they all say, Ash 3A worth it, look what passion and creativity your toys have taken part in, so thanks!

So yea, busy day, best get to it!