ThreeA x Maschinen Krieger: Kröte

With less than 24 hours until 1/12th scale Kröte by Sensei Kow Yokoyama will be up for pre-order at Bambalandstore (November 30th, 9:00AM HK time) for 190USD, I decided to pop at the blog and mention few things about this figure. Kröte isn't massive in size (approximately 11.8 inches tall), but it's very detailed and it has real working lights and rotating machine gun feature.

Some people confuse Bambalandstore exclusive version with 3AA exclusive. Bambalandstore exclusive means – that the exclusive version of Kröte will not be available anywhere else, unlike standard Kröte which will be available via retailers later on. Existing 3AA 2012 members should have 24 hours buying window on both.

If you intrigued by Kröte looks, but don't know Maschinen Krieger Universe backstory and haven't heard anything about Kow Yokoyama, reading this Wikipedia article is a good start. Just few titbits for you: forces who use Kröte (which doesn't have a pilot, as it's run by artificial intelligence) are called Strahl Demokratische Republik forces and they are fighting with Independent Mercenary Army; Kröte means "frog" in German.