ThreeA at Thailand Toy Expo follow-up

Just got additional information about ThreeA participating at Thailand Toy Expo (received from event organizer): 1. There will  be an exclusive.

2. Poster will be given to the attendees.

3. There will be new and unseen stuff shown.

Jp toys (event organizer) activity for the show (only for visitors of the event, will not ship overseas): for Thai legion but other Legionnaires welcome to participate as well.

1. Choose which ThreeA character that you like the most. Write your feeling towards character that you chose and why you love ThreeA.

2. Send all of the information (picture,description) to by January 4, 2013.

3. In order to gain points from special referee, all of the participants can make a diorama (using ThreeA figs) or make a customised figure (must be ThreeA item).

4. There will be a special referee from ThreeA.

5. The first 3 participants who get the highest score will win a special present from ThreeA.

6. Have fun with this activity Legionnaires.

If you have any questions please send them to