VOX history, Christmas newsletter and 3AA 2013

I was thinking that there is a whole new army of people, who just discovered ThreeA and don't know much about legendary VOX newsletter, so here is a brief story from good old vamp.  At the moment there are 27 VOX newsletters (plus 4 VOX specials - dedicated to product releases and Re-Venture exhibition), there were a good amount of mass ThreeA newsletters about certain releases through the years, but VOX was something completely new and fresh. It set a certain standard, showing upcoming figures teasers, announcing winners of photo contests and it contained a word from Ashley Wood. First VOX went out in August 2011 (VOX 1) and it was regular till Aril 2012, then there was a gap and ThreeA blog was getting flow of regular updates and such. Now let's get down to the chase, VOX 2012 Christmas newsletter is here! It's EPIC and massive...and I think at the moment, it's the best VOX out there. In case you haven't received it in your mail, you can read full version here.

I want to quote parts of it on the blog as well, let's start with word from Ashley Wood and 3AA 2013 (which is just LEGENDARY this year). We started with first ever 1/12th scale Bramble in 2009, followed with WWRp Nom de Plume , AP Oyabun and introducing 1/6th scale AK F-Legion figure this year. For 2013 we will have WWR Blanc Hunter (1/6th scale BABY!) ; t-shirt with killer container ; 3AA card; accompanied with awesome packaging (designed by Brent Ashe) and other cool stuff. There is extra goodies for fifth year 3AA members (who supported us during hard & happy times) as well:

"For the past 5 years I have been thinking and designing toys to made by 3A everyday, and this time every year I think about 3AA and the coming year, I think- do I want to do more, design more, have 3A in my life for another year, and it's always an easy answer... FUCK YEA, 3A grants me an outlet to tell stories and create worlds that go beyond the page or movie or whatever, every toy i design has a  story behind it, sometimes it enough for me to know and let you guys create it's extended myth outside of my studio, but nothing is made just for the sake of it. I could not stand the idea of another 12 months of making "product", just to sell, it's a pointless waste of time and very boring. What I see 3A doing is creating worlds ( hence the new logo thingy ), I want to make playgrounds that we all have a chance to play in, my toys are not designed to be carefully sealed and flipped by pilot fish on ebay at the expense of others, they are meant to be played with, looked at while imagining the worlds they live in and having fun most of all. When I saw all the great entries for the pudding boss contest and our 3A Photography book SHOT, I know many of you are enjoying them, and thats the stuff that makes us carry on, to be a counter to the boring, safe, trite shit that fill our life's and toy shelf's!

So speaking of 3AA, the 2013 version onsale 15th Jan 2013 9-00am at Bambaland is the best yet, with beautifully designed packaging by Brent Ashe, the 2013 includes the BLANC HUNTER NOM 1/6th figure, 3AA NOM T-shirt with bullet container, signed Blanc Hunter print and the open all doors membership card! I think for our 5th set anniversary also should reward the 3AA member's who have had our backs since the first recruiting drive... So as our way to say thanks, not only do 5X members ( as in members who have been a 3AA every year till now and get the 2013 membership ) get the 3AA set, but they also get a second T-Shirt and the much loved, nay lusted after NOM Prey-Box. It goes without saying that said Prey-Box will not be offered again!"

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