3AA 2018 Membership Bambaland Passport


Available January 15th, 9AM Hong Kong Timezone

Become a Bambaland Passport Holder! 


For 2018 all 7174 releases (WWR, AK, TK, etc) on Bambaland will be 3AA Exclusive! 2018 will see a clear refocusing of OG lines and characters, along with the debut of several new series created by Ashley Wood and 7174 Productions. 

The amount of licensed series will be reduced in order to focus on the original worlds created by Ashley Wood and 7174. Licensed series pre-sales will be open to the public on Bambaland, but only 3AA members will be able to receive a discount on their orders. Various 7174 releases will have Retail exclusive variants.  

3AA Membership 2018 Includes:

  • FUTURE MORT 13 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure Designed by Ashley Wood*
  • 3AA Membership Card
  • 15% Discount on all Bambaland Purchases
  • 3AA Passport Booklet
  • Les Mort 13 Guide
  • Access to purchase Bambaland Exclusive Original 7174 collectible lines created by Ashley Wood
  • Access to purchase 3AA Exclusive Pre-made Releases, Figures, Statues, and Apparel
  • Boxed Style Packaging
  • Major Releases will include Sticker for Passport Booklet !
  • 10 Year Veterans will receive the DEC VET Embroidered Patch!

**Books and Licensed sales will be open to the Public. 
3AA Pre-made sales not guaranteed. Pre-made run sizes will be determined by the quantity that enlist for 3AA Membership. Will be sold on first come, first serve basis.

USD $200
Price Includes Worldwide Shipping via Courier 


1/6th Scale Collectible Figure
Designed by Ashley Wood

Approx 12 Inches Tall
Fully Articulated


  • Future Mort Head with Fabric Bandages x1
  • Future Mort Hat x 1
  • Mort Scarf x 1
  • Fitted Mort Suit Pants x 1
  • Fitted Mort Suit Jacket x 1
  • Collared Shirt x 1
  • Skinny Tie x 1
  • Future Mort Parka x1 
  • Winklepicker Style Boots 
  • Severed Bone x1
  • M1911 Pistol x 2
  • Faux Leather Belt with Dual Holsters x1
  • Mort Hands x 3 Pairs (Weapon Grip, Open, Fist)

*Design and Color may vary on Production. 

3AA 2018 F.A.Q.

What is 3AA Membership?
3AA are the 3A Associates a.k.a. the official fan club of 3A. 3AA Membership opens annually in January of each year for a limited period of time. 3AA Members receive an Exclusive Figure, Membership Card, and 15% Discount on all items offered at Bambaland.com. 

Will I need a 3AA Membership to buy OG toy lines like Adventure Kartel, TomorrowKings, or World War Robot, etc?
Yes. All 7174 designed releases sold on Bambaland in 2018 will become 3AA Exclusive.  

What will be offered on Bambaland to non-3AA Members?
Licensed Lines and Books will be available to non-3AA Members on Bambaland. 

What is 7174?
7174 is the production house founded by Ashley Wood and T.P. Louise. All designs, stories, and characters created by Ashley Wood and T.P. Louise fall under the 7174 umbrella. 7174 continues its legacy of originality and creativity with Siuyin, Gregory Prout, and Chris Ryall. 

How do I add my details for the Membership Card?
Enter in your Name (Limit 10 letters/numbers) into the 'Special Instructions' section of the Bambaland Order Page. 

3AA Name Info.png

What can 3AA Members look forward to?
In the works –and this lineup is subject to change– we have 3AGO Squares Wave 2featuring the all new V-TOL Square and Bomb Square v2.

World War Robot Bertie ClassicsAlberto ROHO Wave 1Track Squares, Deep Powder v2and EC Marine Bramble – all in 1/6th Scale.

Adventure Kartel’s Lady BBAJC, and the villainous Blasted Bastard

Popbot’s The Photographer and the next chapter in the world of Tomorrow Kings – TK Ultra

LTD Edition Showa TK Troopers, a new Dresden Frau, and a wave of 1:1 Squares!

Plus the debut of new vinyl series Pet Metal, Fangy Girls, and the long requested ASHtro Boy

What Licensed Lines does 3A plan to produce?
Transformers, Destiny 2, Paul Pope’s THB, and 2000AD.

Steel Detective Batman and Joker Fresh LTD Editions will be our finale to the DC Steel Age line. 

Will any 7174 designed releases be available at Retail?
Yes, there will be the occasional Retail release. Retail releases will be exclusive to retailers and not offered on Bambaland.

Will Bambaland releases be limited to 1 per account?
Only Pre-made and/or LTD Editions will be limited to 1 per account. Regular pre-sales will have no order limits. 3A reserves the right to refuse service or cancel orders if improper purpose is suspected. 

Why is the 3AA Membership enrollment window not 24hrs this year?
We’ve extended the 24hr window to two weeks. January can be a tough month for most and with the changes occurring with this year’s membership, we felt an an extended enrollment period would be helpful to many. 

I’m an existing 3AA Member, when will my discount end?
2017 3AA Member discount ends on January 16th, 2018 9AM Hong Kong Time.