3A Adventure - Update

Hey all,

An update for you on the launch of 3A Adventure magazine. First off, thanks to everyone for taking the time to check it out - we have close to 8000 impressions already since Sunday and that's all because of you guys. We really appreciate the love and support! Work on Issue 002 is already under way!

Second - we got a ton of feedback asking for a downloadable option on the magazine so we have that going now. You have to register directly with Issuu.com in order to be able to download. It's free and relatively painless and this allows you to have a local copy to read offline so it's definitely worth the trouble. You can still view the mag online like before without an account or if you're not logged in - but account = downloadable, got it? good.

We also went ahead and uploaded all 9 issues of the Lookbook 3A catalogs from last year. They're hosted on Issuu to browse and download - same as the 3A Adv. mag. There will be more Lookbooks in the future - maybe something with a certain video game robot that likes to burn things - his Heavy brother gets lonely you know. ; )

I'm going to dig through the crates and try to find the mini-catalogs we did that shipped with some of the previous toys and upload digital versions of those as well - stay tuned.

Lastly, at the top navigation of wo3a.com is where you'll find our 'Publishing' section. There's a drop down menu that you can use to get directly to either the Lookbook or 3A Adv. issues and what was the previous 'Books' section lives there now too under 'Print'. (speaking of print - we also got a ton of requests for a print version of 3A Adv. so that's being chatted about as well - no promises but we'll see! ; )