Plans for 2013 and upcoming figures

Coverage of VOX 2012 Christmas newsletter (part II): What I always loved about VOX, is how it teases upcoming figures and talks about future.

Here is what Ashley Wood said about 2013:

"What else, mmm, oh yea, the 3A charity auctions will begin in JAN, get a cool fig scribbled on by by and help some people out as well ! Watch the 3A website for more info in the coming weeks. I guess in closing all I can say is that we are all excited here at 3A for 2013, which we believe will be remembered as one of our best years, from WWR, AK, POPBOT to new Worlds like TOTEM, 3AGO and BORN OF STONE, mixed with handpicked classic IP like The World OF Valve, Microman, Halo, Soloman Kane, Lost Planet, Ma.k, MGS and few we cant mention yet! Add in our publishing and I don't think I would want to be anywhere else!"

Don't know about you guys, but I'm particularly excited about completely new TOTEM , 3AGO, Born of stone and all the mentioned intellectual properties: old & new!

Ashley thanking staff, Legion and partners:

"I would also like to thank our great partners in distribution Good Smile (Japan), BBICN (China) , Beast Kingdom (Taiwan),  Pongsthon Tumwattana (Thailand)!!!

LEGION - we never take for granted your support, and in return we will give you our best! Before I go, I want to thank Kim for always saying yes and helping make all this possible! , Benny, Siu, Candy, Ivy, Ching, Kelvin, Tommy, Darius, Gimby, Brent and the HATCHERY for all the hard work you guys put in way beyond duty!"

Images of upcoming figures, including WWR Harold ("on sale Jan 2013 after the 3AA sale, because we want to see your smiles, every 1/6th Harold from Bambaland will come with a 1/12th version packed in, at no extra cost") ; Ashley Wood Collection: Severed feet ("the severed trotters will be available sometime, anytime in blindbox and sets!"); WWRp Grunts ("finally the WWRp bots will have some fleshies to shoot at very soon!"); 1/6th scale Warzomb ("Ready for duty against the robots!")'; WWRp Caesars wave for retailers;  Ol Fringy TK ("get to the THAI TOY EXPO, and maybe grab a TQ too !"); In service of him Blind Cowboy Dead Equine superset ("Feb for the IN SERVICE OF HIM SUPER DEAD EQUINE SET! Now with TOMBSHOT rifle!").

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