Pudding Boss contest winners

Coverage of VOX 2012 Christmas newsletter (part III): What always amazed me the most about ThreeA forum and Legion – how many talented people we have and how there is nothing impossible for them. Whatever contest theme and complexity would be , whether it's animation, photo, sketch or something else – there will always be crazy amount of awesome entries , giving us all hard time to judge and pick the winner.

With Pudding Boss contest it was originally planned to give ten as prizes, but Ashley Wood decided to give away much more and he has something special in mind for participants:

"After so many cool epic entrants, it was very hard to pick, but out esteemed judges have made their decision, every entry shown here will receive a XMAS 2012 Pudding boss, Benny will be in contact with you soon! But as I like all the entries so much im going to make a special signed print for everyone that entered, but we will worry about that later, as I still have to paint the image! Again, congratulations to all that entered, you helped 3A celebrate 2012!!!

And you know what, I liked many others too, so instead of going the pudding to employees and friends of 3A on mass, im gonna send more out to entrants!"

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