And the Rothchild goes to....

Each good story always starts with the tradition and this one isn't an exception. During all Bambalandstore sale, we have a fun thread at ThreeA forum, which goes live 24 hours prior to the sale and stays alive until product is up at the store. It's the best place to share the excitement, ask questions and have some good old fun. One of the rituals of that thread is that we allow & encourage fan art from our boardies, only rule is that it has to be inspired and dedicated to the product on sale, usually there aren't any prizes and people do it just for fun.

Yesterday, Ashley said that there will be New Dawn Fades Rothchild (never offered for sale) prize to the best sketch author. Sound great right?! And it becomes only better: at the end three winners were picked!

So prepare to meet them: BRiZL, Mr.Roboto and giantdwarf. Congratulations guys, well deserved!

[gallery link="file"]

62 entries were submitted and it was insanely hard to pick the winners, because everyone was bloody good! Huge thank you goes to were great! Gallery with all the submissions and author names can be seen here on imgur.