ThreeA at Thailand Toy Expo (exlusives sales info and charity auction)

The first World class Toy Exhibition in Thailand starts on January 10th 2013 and lasts till January 13th, the event will be held at Central World in Bangkok. We are proud to be participating there, sharing some new stuff and exclusives; there will be the charity auction as well. Here is the selection of updates made by Thailand Toy Expo organizers:

"3A and JP Toys are agreed to do the charity auction at Thailand Toy Expo in Bangkok as we think this is the great time to share and to give something back to the society. THis is a great chance since the event is taking place on the Thailand's Children days. We are going to give all the money getting from the auction (all-in) to the charity to help the disables the disadvantaged children. We hope you guys will come and help making our world society the better place for the Children, fulfilling the world with compassion.

Here is the schedule of the 3A x JP Toys charity auction:

January 10 2013 :

-Shadow and Light 1 set : 18.00-19.00

January 11, 2013:

- Darwin Rotchild (A new dawn face): 1 piece: 18.00-19.00

January 12,2013:

- Shadow and light 1 set: 18.00-19.00

January 13,2013:

- Shadow and light 1 set: 18.00-19.00

Thank you very much for your support"

Purchase rules for buying the exclusives and sales dates:

"3A: Passport to the new WORLD

Waza TK (90 pcs only at Thailand Toy Expo) and Irimi TQ (90 pcs only at Thailand Toy Expo)

Waza TK: 4500 baht Irimi TQ: 4500 baht

January 11, 2013: 60 pcs release blinded January 12, 2013: 60 pcs release blinded January 13, 2013: 60 pcs release blinded


1. According to the theme, “3A: Passport to the new world”, for those who interest in buying Waza TK and Irimi TQ must carry something that is 3A together to the queue. For example: bring figure together to queue with you, wearing 3A uniform, etc (The item cannot be the same for 1 queue).

2. 1 piece per person. Each customer can queue ONLY 2 times (1 time per day only).

3. All items are blinded.

4. BE aware of Surprise"

Today is the last day for Thailand Toy Expo contest (organized by JP Toys) for show attendees, more details can be read here on the blog. Currently it's know that all three winners will get GID Nabler heads.

4500 baht (which is Waza TK and Irimi TQ price) is approximately 145USD and please keep an eye on Thailand Toy Expo Facebook page for more news and updates.