Shipping update and BBICN sales

Most of these figures (mentioned bellow) left Hong Kong this week and the rest will be shipped during start of next week. If you need tracking number, please contact our customer service professionals at and if your order already entered the shipping system, they will get back to you straight away (during their working hours of course). Action Portable The Two OYA TK 2pack (offered during Action Portable Slicer / Heavy TK release) Action Portable Tracky Fighting JC and Dark Sarge Zomb Adventure Kartel Charkin pre-order version (pre-mades shipped out few months ago) Adventure Kartel Cherry Bomb

I hope to share more shipping plans next week.

Today BBICN started offering Popbot Munich NTQ , Popbot TK KDO and AK Hard Nipple War 3pack for pre-order (estimated shipping time in April). At the moment it seems that there is an open pre-order for retailers only, and they will be selling it to the customers. If you are interested, please contact BBICN for more information, since it's their exclusive.