MGS REX shipping update

I mentioned back in December, that we plan to send all MGS REX orders (Bambalandstore and remaining retail batches) before Chinese New Year (first week of February 2013). Few hours ago, I received final confirmation that all MGS REX Bambalandstore orders are starting to roll out. Batch of Bambalandstore REX order to United States customers is already on the way (sent by boat) and other batches are starting shipping out next week.

If you need tracking number of your REX, please send an email with your order number to next week and once it enters the shipping system, they will get back to you.

Thank you so much for your patience during the extra REX wait and sorry if it sucked some fun of your upcoming REX experience. Extra wait issue aside - I think it's one awesome 1:48th REX model and I was glued to REX display at Re-Venture and loved REX photos in all the reviews. It's the most complicated & detailed figure of such scale, we ever produced yet (wait when RAY comes though) and we wanted to make it flawless and gave it a lot of extra love, care and attention. Huge thanks to KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS and all Metal Gear Solid fans for the support!

Recap of two REX reviews, if you still haven't seen the beast in action:

MGS REX retail version detailed review by Toy-People (in Chinese), including two videos of working rail gun and 360 degree view of this massive beast in standing and sitting position.

In-depth review of MGS REX retail version (in English) by Rad Toy Review, featuring lots & lots of beautiful photos.