Charity auction

Yesterday first of few upcoming ThreeA & JP Toys charity auctions happened at Thailand Toy Expo. Here is one photo from the event by Ken Lee and an update from Ken: "Auction for S&L. Winning bid at 90,000baht. About 3000usd" - All the gathered funds will be donated to disabled children charity fund.

There will be more charity auctions over next couple of days:

January 11, 2013:

– Darwin Rotchild (A new dawn fades editions): 1 piece: 18.00-19.00

January 12,2013:

– Shadow and light 1 set: 18.00-19.00

January 13,2013:

– Shadow and light 1 set: 18.00-19.00  


If you are going to the expo, I strongly recommend to check Thailand Toy Expo Facebook page for news and such, as that's primary source for the event info, as I'm doing updates post factum here because of the event nature.