Last day of Thailand Toy Expo

Yesterday was last day at Thailand Toy Expo, I participated in few conventions and know how it's hard, when you have to say "bye" to all your new friends, pack your things and leave...especially after feeling your belonging to that group of people and finding brothers & sisters who understand and share your passions. Huge thank you to everyone who came to check out our section, showed their support and participated in the charity auctions, hope you guys had plenty of fun and got what you wanted. And of course thanks to JP Toys for organizing this toy madness!

Charity auctions update, last Shadow and Light Oyabun set went for around 45.000 thb, which means that we raised approximately 245.000 thb (8100USD) for disabled children charity.

Based on what I read Three Thai Legion is really awesome group of people, thank you guys for being awesome and sharing your photos of the event with me! Here are few photos by Kanaruck Keaokanlaya and Tome Worapivut

Kanaruck เก่ง KeaokanlayalastdayKanaruck เก่ง Keaokanlayalastday2  TomeWorapivutteamshot