3AA 2013 FAQ

Covering more frequent questions, for 3AA 2013 which is up right now at www.bambalandstore.com As mentioned previously, 3AA 2013 will be up at Bambalandstore for 24 hours, so no need to F5 the store right now (Bambalandstore tends to be slow during first 30 minutes of the sale, because of the load).

If your Paypal got charged , money went to us and you got Paypal confirmation , then you placed your order, we got your money and you are absolutely fine.

Name on the card: you can go with your nickname, your first name or whatever you please. Please stay reasonable though and within 10 characters limit (restrictions are mentioned in 3AA description at the store).

Existing members number (for 3AA 2012 members only): if you don't remember your 3AA 2012 number or you aren't attached to it, and don't care about numbers, just leave it blank. If you are attached to your 3AA 2012 number and want to see it on your 3AA 2013 card, please mention it in the details. If you don't remember your 3AA number, you can purchase the membership, and add message in the message window at the store, asking to keep your last year number. Here is an another alternative option how to find your 3AA 2012 number: you can go to your order history at Bambalandstore, locate your last year order for 3AA 2012 and check the number in your order details. Or you can just write an email to cs@threeaonline.com , after purchasing your membership and ask to keep your 3AA 2012 number.

Hope it's all clear, I'm writing answers on the go.