3AA 2013 thank you and welcome

3AA membership is gone from the store and I want to take my time to thanks everyone and explain few things to the new members. THANK YOU goes to all 3AA members who renewed for the next year, your support means a lot to us and it's always great to see, how people stay around and renew for another year. THANK YOU and WELCOME in order to all the new members, who discovered us and decided to give it a go, I hope you will like enjoy the ride and do the same in 2014!

Now, small notice to all the new members, 'cause members from the previous years know it well already. After 3AA 2013 membership purchase your 3AA privileges at Bambalandstore & G3A, will be activated right in time for the next Bambalandstore / G3A sale, no need to do anything from your side – 3A staff will go through the people , who bought memberships and assign privileges to their accounts, that's how we roll each year.

Even though 3AA members have guaranteed access to purchase one ( more if allowed) standard release and 3AA exclusive releases, there are no special 3AA emails and you need to keep an eye on 3A blog, forum, Facebook or twitter - whatever is best for you, to know about upcoming sales, shipping and such. Standard sales does not cover special surprise sales of limited nature, Ashley Wood 1:1 editions or 3A publications.