Quick shipping update and 3A animation contest

All Adventure Kartel Shit Weather Bleak and Fucking Tracky Bleak orders shipped out. I decided to put animation contest info here, to spread the word and give more people heads-up and an opportunity to participate. A bit of the history first: last year, we had 3A animation contest at our forum and it was incredible. Entries were so great that we couldn't pick just one winner and gave out four Shadow & Light Oyabun 2packs. You can see all four winning entries right here on the blog.

This year our Legionnaires asked for the second round and it was decided to make it happen. Here are the simple rules we all agreed on: 3A theme and 10 weeks submission deadline for your entries (till March 31st 9:00AM HK time).

Direct link to 2D Animation Contest thread on ThreeA forum for your submissions and would be great, if you could share work in progress and teasers with us as well.

Best of luck to everyone and will be looking very much forward to your entries!