Action Portable Monday (part II)

For those who are new to ThreeA world, Action Portable is 1/12th scale...but twice less size, doesn't come with any less of details as bigger figures and they are perfect for putting them in your pocket and taking them with you to work or other places. As I mentioned yesterday, Adventure Kartel Finger Gang set (11 figures) and Tomorrow Queens singles & set will be offered.

Price for Tomorrow Queens singles: 45USD + shipping. Tomorrow Queens figures set 180 USD free shipping

Finger Gang Set : 290USD free shipping

Sale starts on Monday, February 18th, 9:00AM HK time at Bambalandstore. 3AA 2013 members have 24 hours buying window , as always with standard sales.

If you are into social networks, you can engage with our Facebook page and follow sales event for updates, questions and keeping track of things!

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