1/12th scale sale update

As you probably know by now, most of our sales are usually 24 hours pre-order, when we gather money upfront and then manufacture figures to order. Our mission has always been to produce coolest toys in the world and we prefer to offer people variety and actual choice which scale, colorway , fraction or variant to buy. We been known as company, which does things in it's own way but at the same time is open to it's supporters needs and helps as much as it can. January and February was a bit packed with releases and we received many emails from people, asking us to keep figures longer in the store and we decided to try and keep them 24 hours longer , until February 21st 9:00AM Hong Kong time. We hope that it will be a good solution for Legion members, who are waiting for funds to come in and do the purchase.

So, 1/12th scale Finger Gang set, Tomorrow Queens and Doc Grunt are up and still waiting for you at Bambalandstore.

Thank you so much for your support , it really means a lot to us all!