MIM and AP update

It's a bit ironic to put EPIC WWR Meat is Murder set and AP figures in one update, but that's how it goes today. Action Portable figures left Bambalandstore today at 9:30AM Hong Kong time, we fulfilled our promise to keep 'em as long, as possible and we enormously glad that it helped many people. Receiving emails filled with happy words, is really what matters a lot for us! Thank you for supporting our Action Portable line and making releasing these figures possible!

Now on to Meat is Murder (JEA ASSAULT CREW), which will go up for pre-order on February 22nd 9:00AM Hong Kong time at Bambalandstore. It's biggest WWR set yet and it's going to cost: 530 USD shipped worldwide. It's surely ain't cheap, but that's the best we can do for such a massive set. It was coming for pre-order a long time (with first photo teased on June 1st 2011) , it's an insane & crazy set, which will probably only us will do, as it includes FIVE 1/6th scale figures: Dropcloth, Grunt, MK1 & MK2 Squares and Armstrong.

Here is a teaser from back in the day (MIM set will have different decals) and actual JEA Grunt from MIM set.