TKLUB answers

I know that there are many questions about upcoming TKLUB (previously known as TK KLUB), so I tried to come up with a sort of summary, which hopefully answers on most of your questions. TKLUB starts on March 28th with Oroshi TK (who is Waza's brother). Oroshi/Waza head will not be used anymore. TKLUB is for 3AA members only. TKLUB releases will not be limited to only male figures. It's allowed to buy more than one figure and if there will be any limitations, it will be notified in the figure description at the store. According to our plans: each TKLUB sale will feature one TK, no other variants or secret drops. Not all Tomorow Kings (and 7bones) released in 2013 will be limited to TKLUB. So if you aren't 3AA member and love TKs, we will still have TKs for you. 3AA members will be able to purchase any TK, but to participate in TKLUB offers you will have to purchase certain figures. For example: Oroshi is first of three TKLUB Tomorrow Kings towards the ART OF TK mook.